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Halloween Jam 2 Is Out!
The Second Quake Halloween Jam is here!

With 14 maps by Artistical, Burnham, CaptainCam, Chedap, Chris Holden, Comrade Beep, Greenwood, Here, JCR, Kayne, MortalMaxx, Pinchy, Thulsa, Yoder, and a start map by NewHouse!

Google drive
(sorry no Quaketastic link, the zip is too big with Halloween treats!)


Happy Halloween!
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Even with gamma 0.7 things are barely visible at the first parts of Chedap's map. Is that on purpose? All that detail is hidden in default gamma. 
It's dark on purpose. Some shadows are intended to be pitch-black. You're not supposed to see the end of the corridor (at first anyway).

FWIW my QS settings are: gamma 1, contrast 1, gl_overbright 1, gl_overbright_models 0 
Im not sure what to do at hwjam2_captaincam's map after getting the silver key. 
Hey, AN ...I Know The Answer 
I had the same problem. You did the same thing: inadvertently hit a trigger that closed off the passageway to get the gold key. There were a couple of slabs on the floor in one room that looked like they could be elevators. Like Pavlov's dog, we both stepped on them to see if they were. One of them had this trigger!

I notified CaptainCam about this and he already fixed it. When the updated HW Jam 2 comes out, this will be rectified. 
I've uploaded a version 1.1 for Hwjam2 (same download links as before):
* Updated hwjam2_captainCam to fix a softlock and clipping issue
* Updated hwjam2_kayne to fix a pumpkin model issue with quakespasm spiked
* Updated start to fix some name formatting and floating gibs 
What's Wrong With "Artistical" Map? 
When I try this map, I get the old default ID start map! 
I'm Using Quakespasm From Spike 
All maps are playing fine, except Artistical.

Most maps are truely awesome, by the way. Can't tell my favorite yet. 
Yum Variety! 
There is such a nice variety with the map designs with this jam! From whimsy to ominous! It's a real pleasure. 
that ID start map shouldn't be there... ;)
Must be something spooky going on that requires further investigation! 
Skill 2 demos (protocol 666)

Patch for fullbright pixels

Pinchy's map was really stingy on ammo, but I found it the most memorable and atmospheric. Heresy's was the most fun to explore, though I suspect some of it was unintended. Broke Artistical's map.
Getting lost on Kayne's map is all on me btw. 
Artistical Map 
I explored Artistical map and what it's doing to the original ID start map is visualy very interesting, but it's boring after a while. I didn't found the purpose of it yet. I played it on nightmare skill. There's no enemy to frag (except 7 idiots on their cross).

What gives? 
It's clearly an experimental map. It's a journey, not a shooting gallery. 
Thanks a lot for giving my map a go. There was a discussion over mapping discord encouraging re-re-releasing improved maps as stand alone ones. I'll definitely add hints for the tricks, starting with the pumpkin patch. Thanks! :) 
About The Artistically Map... 
Well, if it's an experimental map, it would be cool to drop some random number of random monsters in it, in addition to the weird atmosphere and geometry tricks.

I love the "out of this world" feel of this experimentation, but it could be better easily.

The way the old ID start map is cut into chuncks of blades and layers is pretty cool. 
Artistical Map Again 
I made it all to the end. This map is interesting but ... weird as a fuck in the pitch black darkness of the new moon on Pluto.

Would be a bit better with some idiots here and there to fragfest.

Also, I got stuck in several places, between walls and floors, holes and whatnot. Add to noclip in a few instances.

This map is, maybe, the weirdess out of this world of all the pack! 
Plus Mirror

ill ask seamus to advertise it on moddb social media. look awsome btw, i will play it next week. 
The Piano Music Doesn't Play Anymore In The Start Map 
What is wrong with the piano in the start map? It doesn't play anymore when I return to that map. It was cool, then it's dead Jim! 
I'm Loving Them All 
but for me, Chris Holden's map is already a personal favorite. It oozes atmosphere and the combat is fun!

Huge thanks to all mappers! 
and by FUN I mean I love maps that often allow the player to strategize encounters! Several tricks in that map, really cool 
So far I've played:

1. The start map which is apparently 100% identical to last year's start map.

2. A map that is literally last year's map revisited, with the same brushwork and lighting - sorry, no, I liked it but have very little desire to see the same rooms as before.

3. A fairly bare bones and extremely oversized looking map.

4. A slightly less crude, but still comically oversized box map.

5. More wannabe david lynch shit from the usual suspect.

6. A map that is actually good looking, scary feeling, and almost virtually unplayable because of almost no ammo or health present.

I was looking forward to this pack, I'm quite sad. 
Perhaps you could have shown everyone how it's done by contributing a map yourself. Just a thought. 
Maps I've made: 10

Maps you've made: 0

Get fucked. 
Too rude. The map comparison was retort enough. 
Not everyone has time to join all the jam events, some of OTP's criticisms were valid too. I thought I had loaded the wrong jam at first since the start map was the same.

Although not every map is going to be perfect either, the whole point of jam events is to get all mappers to contribute (and not made to feel bad about quality).

Also I agree with shambler, no need for that insult. 
Thinking long and hard, and can remember exactly one of those 10 maps. Maybe two. Anyway I find this dude's perpetual negativity under the guise of constructive criticism appalling. Pretty sure none of those points are in any way constructive, as they're not meant to be. They're meant to shit on other people's efforts because of some inferiority complex. We all know you love Quake OTP, you just suck at mapping. So shut your mouth and enjoy the free content. 
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