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Moved To Modelling Thread.
I've read that the new 3DRealms-branded game would use QuakeC for game logic (I don't know if it's easier that way or it's just to better convey the spirit of 1990s games, but I don't care). That made me wonder: just how powerful is QuakeC for the creation of new content in a Quake engine-based game?

So I gathered the necessary tools, to see what I could do with QuakeC. I decided I would use Darkplaces, so I would not be affected by palette and geometry limitations, and also because I had already made a partial recreation of a Lameduke map which I decided to use as a test sandbox.

And the results... well, I found out that QuakeC is surprisingly flexible.
Golden Desert Eagle with custom scope, which replaces the standard shotgun. The model comes from Soldier of Fortune 2 (the gun, the scope) and the Duke3D HRP (the hand). It shoots 7 traces just like the original shotgun, but their spread is zero.
This and a couple more weapons now have an alt-fire mode. In this case, the Desert Eagle is used as a sniper rifle and delivers double damage, while taking twice the time for reloading.
Shotgun, which replaces the double-barreled shotgun. The model comes from the Duke3D HRP. It shoots 14 traces like the original double-barreled shotgun, with half the spread because I don't like feeling like I'm shooting cotton candy when I shoot a distant enemy.

M16, which replaces the nailgun. The model comes from Soldier of Fortune 2 (the gun), the Duke3D HRP (the hand) and I modeled the flag. It shoots nails (or "spikes", like they are called in QuakeC) like the normal nailgun, but the shooting offset has been modified to be coherent with how the weapon is held.
Alt-fire mode for the M16: it fires pipebombs. Not only I have changed the model from the standard Quake grenades, but now they explode when the player detonates them, rather than after a fixed time.
RPG, replacing the rocket launcher. I made the model from scratch, although I based it on the first official Duke Nukem Forever screenshot. The shooting offset has been altered from the Quake rocket launcher to be coherent with how the weapon is held.
Alt-fire for the RPG. Why shoot a rocket, when you can shoot two?
Brand new object! The model comes from the Duke Nukem 3D high resolution pack. This trashcan shares part of the code with the small exploding box, but it can contain an object (which object depends on the spawnflags value) which can then be picked up.
The trashcan explodes into pieces when it's shot. This particular trashcan contained a six-pack of Coke (model made from scratch by me) which gives +30 health, like in Lameduke.
The gas bottles and the barrels share part of their code with the big exploding box, spawnflags decide the model to use. The gas bottle model comes from the Hollywood Holocaust Rethinked mod for Duke Nukem 3D, while I made the barrel models.
The barrels also explode into pieces when shot.
Another object I added is a jetpack. It's based on Harlequin's jetpack mod, but I didn't like how it used the original backpack model and it basically replaced the biosuit (and even worse, if you wanted to have both jetpacks and biosuits in a level, you could only randomize their appearance), so I fixed that. I made a brand new model, and I modified the code so the biosuit object can either be a biosuit or a jetpack, depending on the spawnflags value.
Amazing Work! 
I'm quite green with c+ coding, but you surely gained true progress. 
This Might Be More Suitable As A Post In Here: , until it's released as a final mod if that's what is planned. 
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