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Hexen II Original Source Maps
Hello everybody! :-)

For about one year I'm working on a very ambitious mission pack for Hexen II. I learn new things everyday but the best lesson is of course to look at what the elders did. Maybe I don't use the right tool, but the bsp decompilation tool I use (Quark) is very user unfriendly and hard to use/understand.

So I wondered... John Romero released the original map files for Quake some years ago. Do you know whether Raven did the same for Hexen II map files?
Or have you heard about a friendly and simple decompilation tool compatible with Hexen II?

Thank you so much in advance for your precious feedback. :-)
Hexen2 files can be opened with Quark but there's no way to convert them to map files. I did some fail attempts with winbspc_1.4 and they all crashed on Win7. The result would be a mesh anyway as winbspc only converts as if, with lots of chunks pressed into a big cube. Clearing that up would be a waist of time although I did once with some maps.

I don't think you can find the original maps on the net as Raven isn't that generious as Quake.
I think.
Quik search for decompiller : 
Wow! Never managed to find that, and even better: seems it works!
Thank you so much ! :-) 
thanks for posting that six-shoota. ive been wondering how they created complex objects that both move and rotate, like the levitating coffin in the first level. can likely get to the bottom of it now. 
For about one year I'm working on a very ambitious mission pack for Hexen II
Good luck :) 
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