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Q2SP: Wastewater Station
Nothing too special, and the end was a bit rushed due to limited time, but here you go: (1.5mb)

Here's a Twitter-post with a few more details:
Sweet, need to give this a run. Really liked your last couple of releases. 
on the release... will play 
I Couldn't Get It To Work Until... 
...I added this texture in a my baseq2 folder. Maybe this is because I use Yamagi Quake II, but in case anyone else runs into the same issue, I found that texture here:

I set it up in folders as textures/e2u3/metal22_2.wal inside baseq2 and then everything was smooth sailing!

As far as the map goes, it was pretty cool! Good use of reusing areas throughout the game and the end battle was neat (once I figured it out). A couple of places I got stuck on the geometry, but I just noclipped out of it. For a map made in "a few hours of spare time," I thought it was quite good. The song looped a lot, but I figured I just am slow at Q2. Definitely worth checking out! 
Missing Textyuur 
I have tried fixing this but sadly it lead to all sorts of issues when trying to compile the map... I have no idea how I managed to get the map to compile now, but apparently there are a lot of bad brushes that I can't seem to be able to fix.

I hope to get some time to fix this during the next week, but I have no guarantees.

I did include the .map-file in the .zip in case anyone want to try to compile a texture fixed version. 
Missing Texture 
I had to install the missing texture as per Greenwoods comment. After that, it worked.

A nice looking, tight, well built level with a good sense of mission. Quite enjoyed this one.

Good work. 
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