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ADSP: Xala'noth By Remilia Scarlet
Requires Arcane Dimensions 1.70 or higher

From the creator of the visually striking Temple of Azathoth comes yet another monster of a level for Arcane Dimensions. Released via Twitter, I had to bring it here.

Pretty Coloured Lights. 
Bit too many bullshit monster spawns, feels very old-school in that sense. Great choice of music though, and the story is alright too (that's an automatic plus because it actually /has/ a story.) I played the Shadows of The Nightmare Realm beforehand to get a feel for the atmosphere and I was pleased with the thematic/design similarities.

I get the feeling Alexa just discovered coloured lights exist and decided to put them literally everywhere.

It's like something with coloured lights in Terraria

That's not necessarily a negative, it looks very satisfying. Hardly any Quake maps do this well and it's refreshing to see a slyle that isn't done often. 
Superb Map And Its Start Map... 
I love that visual. So much details to look at, it's impressive. Great atmosphere. 
I think there is a little bug or just I can't find out solution. At the end of level, where you have to cross ending bridge, you can't fall down, because all ways to back on top are closed. I finished this level, because I had save game, but still, the bug exist. Otherwise very good level design, great atmosphere and music, I had really good time with it, but I have to agree with "Tintin" about coloured light. They are nice, but there are too many of them. 
Normally I really dislike ”overusage” of coloured lighting, but it actually somehow works here and gives the map a unique feel together with the almost baroque detailing. Solid gameplay as well. Looking forward to the next episodes. 
Fantastic, Except For One Little Thing... 
...of course, this is my opinion, but the colored lighting is too much. It makes you miss the gorgeous brushwork and the overall nice aesthetics! I tried to get into it; I really did. However, I simply removed the lit files and played it again and the difference was dramatic. I was able to really see the nice work that you put into this! The lighting was great without any colored accents.

Gameplay was enjoyable. Music was good. I guess this is not really an issue, since I can simply dump the lit files. I am really looking forward to the other parts. Awesome stuff! 
I Don't Mind The Colored Lighting 
Usually I hate it, but I think it's tastefully by this mapper (as usual). The map layout is quite simple compared to what we're used to here at FUNC (I never once got lost), but the design is just beautiful with great attention to detail.

Can't wait for the rest of episode! 
I Also Complain About The Colored Lighting... 
but I really enjoyed my time with this map and can't wait to see the rest of the episode.

I think you could have also telegraphed to the player that there's a certain amount of buttons that need to be pressed. I didn't really get it until halfway through but maybe I'm just dumb. 
Lots of fun with this one!

Some clashing colors in a few spots yeah, but I enjoyed seeing someone have a more "saturated" and kind of old-Doom-like approach to the color palette. Between the colors and the new music it did a good job keeping my interest.

The path crossing back over and through some of the areas was handled really well too, I always enjoy that sort of thing.

I think my only real gripe was that some spots were too dark, playing on a default-gamma setting with a monitor that I think is pretty well calibrated. For example the doors to the Hall of Pain and the Hall of Not-Quite-So-Much-Pain (or something like that) were invisible to me, I just found them by wallhumping.

Looking forward to seeing this pack/series continued. 
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