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Quake April Fools Jokejam
from @ZungryWare

Introducing the Quake April Fools Mega Jokemap Extravaganza Incorporated!!

If you have never played the pinnacle of Doom jokewads that is "Mock 2: The Speed of Stupid", you need to go do that immediately! That's basically what we're going for here. You don't have to make your map exactly like that. But the point is that your map should make the player laugh!

If you want a break from serious mapping, or you're just tired of making maps that make so much sense, try submitting a map or two to this pack!

More info:

- Custom music is very highly encouraged.

- No limits on textures or other assets.

- We're using progs_dump for the progs. (It's basically vanilla but with many extra features for mapmakers.)

- Download it here. For help and info visit #progs_dump on the Quake Mapping Discord or this func post

- dumptruck_ds and iw will be creating a custom version of the latest progs_dump for this pack with a few new features, but for now use the version above to get started.

- All of the levels will be put in one continuous episode. If you don't want the player to carry weapons over from the previous level, progs_dump has features to remove player weapons. (set reset_items 1 in worldspawn)

Send your submission(s) to by March 27th, 2020. Or message @ZungryWare#1545 on discord with your submission. Either one works.

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Updated Progs For This 
progs_dump_devkit_v1121 is now available. This is a special edition for the upcoming April Fool's jokejam. Please read the readme and manual for complete details. New and updated features are highlighted in the manual.


Download here: 
Def File For Radiant Bums
Only entity names. p_d pdf is well documented to read up on things 
Perfect Moment For Skacky ... 
... to release the rest of "Quenching Urges of Constant Killing". 
I Did Tell Him That. 
I hope so. I’m finally ready to take another crack at that 
I hope so. I’m finally ready to take another crack at that 
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