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Malice: “Murder At The Disco” By Kayne
Here's a map I've been working on for the past 6 months or so for the "Malice" TC.

It's a sort of Cyberpunk themed nightclub complete with a small outdoors segment, and tons of epilepsy inducing lights (Avoid this one if you do have epilepsy by the way).
Figured I'd try my best to build the map around the gun play of Malice, as that was that TC's greatest strength... So expect to be fairly flushed with ammo.

This map is also bundled with an alternative start map (start2.bsp) which will allow you to select your difficulty and pick between playing vanilla Malice, or the new map.
Nothing groundbreaking, but this map was initially intended to be part of an episode of sorts.

The bundled README has some helpful information for getting this map up, along with a link to a patch that fixes quite a few bugs in Malice, along with a couple other quality of life tweaks.

Don't forget to bind your keys...

But enough of my rambling, time to get blasting!


Absolutely Fantastic! 
I hadn't played Malice yet, so both the mod and the map where new to me, and what an experience! I absolutely loved the tech noir ambience and colour scheme, Ion Fury vibes, but much better execution on my opinion. What a different look for Quake!

The map has intensity from start to finish, the design doesn't get repetitive at any moment. Sometimes the environment can slightly block the gameplay but wasn't something that flawed the experience. Path progressing is pretty clear, although some paths are too dark and can get you a bit lost, like the door to the VIP stairs which is completely black and only can be detected because of the messages when casually pushed.

[spolier]A little quirk: in the last fight, the boss can get stuck over one of the parked ships, not being able to shoot you. That was my salvation as I didn't have any ammo left but I could shoot the pistol from distance until I took it down. I suppose running to the exit could have been an option nonetheless.[/spoiler]

To sum up, a fantastic map, long enought to be an experience and without any fill to make it too long or boring. 9.5/10 
Malice Has A Flashlight. 
The dark areas aren't an issue if you used the Malice binds. The Malice patch found in the Readme includes these.

bind "f" "impulse 17"

The flashlight works pretty well, it's a lot like the HL1 one. 
Thank You! 
Mmm, gotcha this time I didn't RTFM... yes the flashlight is actually great, not the typical fixed light circle. I've also binded reload to r. Didn't know the Riders having the upper body missing was a known bug, I actually saw it ingame but forgot about it. 
This Is So Good. 
The execution of the theme is sheer perfection, just wanted to say amazing release Kayne.

I played thru again to see your final result, gg's. 
Great Work 
Enjoyed this a lot, with the added bonus I got to play Malice which I never had before 
Wonderful Level 
Also get heavy Ion Fury and DNF 2001 vibes from this, played through the whole thing to the gold key panel but i couldn't find the gold key anywhere so i gave up after like 20 min of searching (unless something broke) and just noclipped into the VIP room

You have made me wish that this was a whole map pack instead of just one level so bravo, also thank you for getting me to finally play Malice because holy shit I didn't realize how kickass it was 
Someone should organize a Malice Jam mappack.

i think people would love it 
> .... couldn't find the gold key anywhere so i gave up after like 20 min of searching (unless something broke) ... <

So unless my tiny brain imploded and I forgot to tick off a box or something, the gold key should be in that small little bar box before that outdoor and dock bit.
I could be wrong, and it might very well be broken. (Though I hope that isn't the case.)

> Someone should organize a Malice Jam mappack.<

Heck yeah! I'd love to organize one, but before that happens, there is a couple of tweaks that need to be made to the fgd file first. It is lacking quite a few entities and spawnflags, along other many... Many annoyances that make it a bit of a pain to work with. 
Malice Map Jam 
I'd honestly be down, this map already made me want to try making a malice map tbh

Here's a quick fix for the minigun spin down animation with model lerping btw 
This looks like a nice little realism/concept map in proper Malice style.

Haven't played it, only noclipped through. Two things though: be sure to test your maps in developer mode ("developer 1" in the console before loading), for there's a large number of warning messages about misspelled classnames and items falling out of the map here (possibly the gold key too?) which you could have addressed beforehand. Also, the text file should be called like the map, not "readme.txt" (like, ever); especially if it overwrites the exisiting readme in the Malice dir like this. 
Why does Malice feel so much like Q2? Like a prototype of that game before it was made. Maybe what could have been.

Anyway, this is a fun map, but negke is right. There are things you need to fix to optimize this map. Not that Malice itself doesn't need fixing depending on which version you use... 
Disco Bladerunner! 
4 life! 
Funny You Should Say That... 
For the longest time, the map was using a remixed version of the theme from that movie up until I decided to swap it out last minute...


I knew I forgot something when I was getting it compiled, but I didn't quite know what.

Definitely tempted to quickly try and fix those errors to hopefully improve the overall experience.

Thank you very much for the info btw. :) 
Dug up my old account simply to post that this was a truly fantastic map. I've been replaying a lot of Malice recently (played it for the first time in 1997 and been loving it ever since) and didn't see this coming, that someone in 2020 would bother to make a map for it, let alone one of such high quality. I loved what you did with the game's textures and loved all the little details (such as the flying vehicles outside). All the hints helped a lot too; the base game had way too many difficulties with layout and navigation. All in all, this is like a proper 2020 interpretation of the disco we saw in Stayin' Alive. 
Nice Map 
Feels authentically Malice but obviously with a lot more detail.

Not much to say really, everything was decently balanced etc, theme was good, loved the little details like the glasses, bottles and ashtrays. 
the enemies of this mod seems to work well with Malice: 
?Heck yeah! I'd love to organize one, but before that happens, there is a couple of tweaks that need to be made to the fgd file first. It is lacking quite a few entities and spawnflags, along other many... Many annoyances that make it a bit of a pain to work with.

Can you please post the fgd in whichever state it's in now? I'd like to mess around with Malice and you seem to be the only person who's made an fgd for it. 
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