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Scrap Thread
How many unfinished/unreleased maps do you have lying around? I'm sure there's quite a few for each one of us.

If you no longer have the energy and/or will to finish them, why not share them online so that some other mapper can have a look - and possibly finish them??

It might be a good idea to have one central "repository" type place for ease of access, and also to encourage others into not condemning their unfinished work to rotting on their hard drives.
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Another One Resurrected! 
Here is a cool Base scrapped map from Bal that I completed & polished. Bal even pitched in himself for the event! :) 
I used your Christmas Jam blockout for my "Blue Monday Quoth Jam" entry. After finishing "The Circulation of Shadows," I only had a few days to work on it, so it came in handy as a foundation :) 
I think rj also has a map in the remakequake scraps that is almost complete 
I saw this thread linked from another site and just wondered, has anybody done or at any point planned on doing anything with any of the RMQ scraps?

P.S. Hi all... my first login to func in over four years, and I think this is the third time this has happened now. Really pleased to see it's still going (and gloriously unchanged) 
I was considering looking at them at the very least but no concrete plans. 
Brain Dump 
I've not totally ruled out coming back to episode 2, as a standalone episode with a more back-to-basics approach (maybe using something like Copper). Not immediately or really anytime soon, but I figured as the Quake scene doesn't appear to be going anywhere anytime soon, there's time for it. My recollection of each map status:

e2m2 - solid foundations laid down by RickyT23, minimal detail but great shapely structures and amazing rockwork, layout looks mostly there. Carte blanche on entities

e2m3 - mostly built to a reasonable level of detail and partially lit. No start or finish, some areas need touching up. No items, monsters or ambience, some movables

e2m4 - full layout blocked out with no detail or lighting. I tried running around the last compiled BSP but couldn't remember the layout, needs doors/buttons/keys adding, plus there's a big empty canyon where the slime plat should be (I wanted to upgrade it to an epic cable car ride)

e2m5 - this was originally a standalone release (e2m5rmx) but I retextured it for the project. Complete and playable, save for a new ending which was intended to house part 1 of a boss fight. Some RMQ-specific entities probably need removing/replacing

e2m6 - same as e2m5, plus one silly HL-esque jumping puzzle that probably needs overhauling or removing

I'd be nonplussed about including e2m1 as it's a different style and RickyT23 already released a standalone Quoth version, I wouldn't rule it out though if he was on board. I'd def want e2m7 included though, I started work on an RMQ version but lost it :-(

I'd consider a collab if anyone was interested. Again, not one for right now but just planting a seed. Could aim for Quake's 30th birthday, that would be pretty mental :-) 
I Didn't Release A Standalone Quoth Version Of E2m1 
Just for the record. 
Sorry about that Ricky, it's been a while since this all happened and my memory is clouded. Was it created specifically for RMQ? For some reason I had in mind it existed before the project and was pulled in; I'm probably confusing it with another map.

Nice to see you still around anyway, how would you feel about a revival of your two E2 maps at some point in the future? 
Has something going on with it.

e2m2 - I still have it, I could finish it I guess - probably make it AD I think. If I find the time :D 
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