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Q1SP: The Circulation Of Shadows
The Circulation of Shadows - by Bal & Greenwood (1/13/2021)

This was the first map for a Nehahra episode that never materialized.
It's a neat Base map, with underground missile silos and conveyor belts.
Bal started this around 2005 & I thought it shouldn't remain dormant :)



Tested on: Darkplaces, DirectQ, JoeQuake, Mark V, Quakespasm, Quakespasm Spiked, and vkQuake

Easy to install PAK file. Just drop it in your Quake folder and have fun.
It uses the Rubicon 2 mod (included) with some custom additions.
Complete with start map and new track from Markie Music
(an MP3 version is included for Mark V & JoeQuake users).
Huge thanks to Greenwood for saving this one from the scrapheap! 
Thank you for this! 
Fun Map! 
1st play demo. Would have streamed if I could. Played on normal difficulty. Can't remember all of this stuff being in rubicon 2, like the knight re-skins for example. 
Well, some stuff is not from the original Rubicon 2. For example, I added that reskinned/reworked hellknight model from The Lieutenant's mild mod, Ad Infinitum, and that ogre is aDaya's "butcher" reskin, from his Mod Jam entry. These are mentioned in the read me file.

I wanted to slightly expand the roster with a few mild custom touches. The helknight adds a nice melee element & that ogre reskin simply looks good in the Base theme.

Glad to hear that you enjoyed it! :) 
For Anyone On The Fence 
Go play this. Even though Greenwood was screaming at his monitor watching my playtest I had a blast.

It's the first map in a while I wanted to play again right after completing it. Looking forward to this final version. (now that I know where the exit is) 
Great Map 
It feels like Rubicon 2 mixed with Concentric Devastation!

This is my demo:

I've died twice... I will try again tomorrow! 
Hey, a nice surprise!

I love the dedication to making the monsters look like "base theme" monsters, and Markie's music track is spot on. The brushwork is good eyecandy -- and yeah reminiscent of Concentric Devastation.

I would say that it feels quite linear, and also with paths just kind of glued together with teleporters occasionally. I didn't feel like I was making any choice about how to get to some necessary destination, or even choices between interesting paths at an intersection. I think that lets down the potential of the place a bit.

But there's certainly a few nice setpieces... I particularly liked the first big room with boxes and conveyor belts, and actually I think the map as a whole "picked up" after that room.

Random observation: the lightsaber noise for activated hellknights makes it kind of fun when they get backspawned on you. :-) The hellknight attacks and AI make it not too bad to deal with as a backspawn, if you know it is there, and the zzzzzow noise is a good clear announcement.

(BTW I think that right before the button that opens the exit gate, the pit that a box rises out of is an inescapable hole if you fall into it.) 
@Joel B 
Glad to hear that you enjoyed it!

I agree that the map is rather linear; however, most of the teleporters in the map are shortcuts; either to recover from the result of a fall, to get back on path after discovering a secret, or to aid in progression. Being a giant map, the player would have to do a lot of retracing if otherwise. 
Joel B 
Yeah, it's definitely too linear, this was actually my second actual single-player layout, I didn't play much SP at the time really and that shows.
Fortunately Concentric Devastation wasn't out yet or I would've scrapped it much earlier. :D 
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