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Q1SP: Castle Zanthu
Here is something new for those housebound during this Coronavirus crapola!

My first medieval standalone release, "Castle Zanthu," using standard id progs. Your mission is to infiltrate the castle and work your way up to the slipgate that'll take you out of this hell!

This is a large map (approx. 13 MB), so a newer source port is recommended. Included is a splendid Doom 2016 skybox, courtesy from ptoing.


Dear God The Ogres... 
Great map though, always a pleasure to see another from you

Only found 7/9 of the secrets so bears some further investigation. 
Very Fun! 
Thanks for the map Greenwood. Here's a VOD of my playthrough! 
Nicely Done 
For a first standalone release you did an admirable job! I don't really have any advice to offer other than you will improve over time.

Also yes, I did cheat twice to avoid dying in lava. Here's a first run playthrough, hard skill: 
Gonna Stream This In About 3 Hours 
Nightmare Playthrough 
Nice! I liked the enemy placement around the map and how you work your way up the castle! I found 8/9 secrets. 
impressive map! beautiful, really great flow, just damn awesome. emphasis on beautiful. pretty difficult, too! 
Very Good 
I liked the first half the most.
Second part was over my head. 
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