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Q1SP: Memories Of A Grotto
Large abstract Grisly Grotto style map by Magnus Björkbom, already released in July 2019.

It started inspired by E1M4, The Grisly Grotto - particularly the moment near the start where you dive down to the ruins. Then it spiralled from there as the theme shifted towards mysterious pyramids rising from below, breaking through buildings and soaring in the sky.

The archive is corrupted :( 
Works fine for me. 
I think it's a rar disguised as a zip. 
Thank you so much @Johnny Law. I changed extension from zip to rar and it works now :-) 
You're welcome!

Grisly Grotto is one of my favorites from the campaign, looking forward to trying this one tonight. 
Suoer Cool Map! 
I love out of this world maps like this. Full Quake experience! 
For me this ended up being not quite what I was hoping; it seemed short on ammo on skill 2, and also cramped/awkward to maneuver in several spots. Usually I can brush off one of those problems but both together are kind of a killjoy -- it's not fun to try to axe things to death unless you have room to work. 
this is a really cool map with imaginative uses of space. however, it was way too difficult and seems downright impossible. i ended up using god mode msot of the time just because i wanted to see the rest of the map, and i'm glad i did. 
Played It 
cool designs, unfair gameplay.
Imaginative level though. 
Cool Map 
but definitively too short on ammo.
I've played in skill 3, and it's impossible to kill the 4 vores near the end... 
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