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Q2SP: Cerberon Plaguemaker
I have created a very complex map for Quake 2 which breaks almost every client available and is rather not fun to play due to compromises, but I included a secret ending so you can skip the unfun part if you just want to see the ending screen.

Twitter-post with screenshots and download-link here:

Direct download:

I recommend reading the readme.txt for a few details regarding technical issues and how it plays.
Lol That's A Good Sales Pitch :) 
Looking Foward To Checking This Out 
Despite the shitehouse ending I enjoyed your last release quite a lot, is there a reason you didn't get in contact with a Q2 engine developer to create your own version for this? Or just cut it up into separate maps?
Just curious as to the decision to make it "rather not fun" instead of breaking it up with some minor loads. 
I am doing this in my spare time which I have a limit on, so I rather just complete what I have and move on.

And yes, Knightmare is credited in the readme.txt. 
Q2 RTX Works! Kinda... 
It appears to work in Q2 RTX! At least the level loads just fine (and looks great) but I think it spawns me in the secret room. The only way to get out is to noclip and then there are no enemies, probably because I didn't spawn in the right location? 
If you have it in RTX I would really like to see what it looks like as I don't have RTX myself... ;_;

Also where does it spawn you? It might be an RTX-thing maybe? 
Here you go, seems to work fine. Looks about as ugly as Q2RTX normally looks, sorry to say.
Guess I didn't find the secret then, eh? Anyway, haven't played Q2 for a decade, so it was fun fumbling with(out) hotkeys and being unsure what threat half the enemies pose. 
I tried to play it with Q2pro, but drunk daddy doesn't appear so I'm stuck in that humble apartment. 
Thank you. :3 I am impressed it didn't crash your system. What kind of hardware do you have?

In the Quake 2 Pro you have to use "gamemap" instead of "map", because "map" only loads the multiplayer part... ;_; 
A regular 2080 (+ an ageing i5 3570k). It's on "high" global illumination, too. 
Why is Q2pro making everything so complicated? Not only had I to use the "gamemap" command, I also had to chose a skill setting first before SP game actaully starts. In normal Q2 and other sourceports it's simply "map cerberon" and it starts on normal skill.

I really liked Cerberon Plaguemaker! What's wrong with the gameplay? Monster encounters were solid and fun and item/weapon balance was good. Loved the architecture with all those intertwined walkways. Objectives made you travel and backtrack through the map in a logical manner. 
Seems Alright. 
Yeah, the gameplay is fine! Don't underestimate the potential for fun. It's a nice looking map with some mild switch hunting and a bunch of monsters. It isn't too long and there's enough variety to keep it enjoyable. Coming from some Quake 1 base maps that take way longer to beat, this feels short to me. 
As mentioned in the readme.txt I am a bit biased because I have been playing this game for so long that I consider this kind of gameplay a little too average. I like it when things are switched up a little, or when you have to play using all the knowledge of the game, just something to make it different.

My first Quake 2 singleplayer map had a Tank as your first enemy and you were only armed with your blaster, but if you played it smart you could find places to shoot in the environment to help you with the fight. I also did this again later in the map against a Boss Tank, where you have to shoot extra explodey barrels to defeat it.

I know not many people like this, but for a game I know so well, these kind of things are what keep me interested. I never expected many, or even anyone, to play these maps, so I make them mostly for myself with only myself in mind. 
My first Quake 2 singleplayer map had a Tank as your first enemy and you were only armed with your blaster, but if you played it smart you could find places to shoot in the environment to help you with the fight.

Blaster (Q2)
Damage Per Hit 10 (SP)

Tank (Q2)

75 shots of pure epic lolbantz. 
That Is If... 
As stated, if you played smart you could avoid that. I just tested the map again, and it takes a total of two shots to kill the Tank. One for the secret and one for the Tank.

It is a kaizo-themed map: 
That reminds me of a map i made in 199x for Quake. It was just a box filled with scrags and vores with no extra brushwork, no ammo besides the starting 25 shells, and had to kill all to finish.

I was very bad in Quake back then and could not get past even the first few maps of the shareware and was barely able to finish this other one i made back then, but i could breeze that no ammo map easily and got to know the weakness of the two enemy types. The problem is that now, as i am good enough to finish the game without taking health packs, i thought that everyone would be able to clear such kind of maps even easier than i did back then as now we are all experienced in the game, but the truth could not be further away and those maps i made lately who used the kind of gameplay required to clear that map back then, failed big because almost no one realized the way even though it was a enemy common weakness, and felt overwhelmed by it.
In short, our experiences can make a big difference, and make a lot easier or harder certain gameplay events than others, even if the skill required to clear them is the same. 
Quite A Nice Map 
As others stated before, you're doing yourself no favor with that salespitch.

For me it worked just fine, both from the technical and playability side of things.
I just downloaded yamagi, threw my baseq2 folder + the map in there and was playing.

So something like "use those engines: xxx" instead of "breaks almost every client available" would have served you better.

Also "and is rather not fun to play due to compromises" is propably not a cool statement, as the player might want to be judge of that himself.
Why not rather say "i had to make compromises, hope you still enjoy it"?

Anyway, i enjoyed playing it, i just fail to see what the client breaking aspects of this map are.
Maybe because i have never mapped for q2 and dont know what it's limits are exactly.
Nice brushwork tho! 
I get ERROR: Bad s_Blocklights size on load, also running Yamagi. I'll chalk it up to my shitty system, although I haven't had issues with other Q2 maps including quakeulf's. 
Sorry about that, but I am not sure how/why it happens , but all I can guess is this map's complexity causing it.

This is my hobby, and I prefer to be honest. It was an experiment, and these were the consequences. 
Okay So.... 
"I have created a very complex map for Quake 2 which breaks almost every client available and is rather not fun to play due to compromises,"

I want a refund on this because:

1. It plays perfectly fine in Yamachi Quake 2 or whatever the fuck the name is.


2. It is a whole lot of fun.

Seriously. I dunno wtf your post is on about but this is a seriously cool little/big map. Little in size but big in everything else. Great design and super-detailing, really making every area look at feel cool, the "central" room being particularly rich and complex, good interconnectivity too. The gameplay was fun and tough but fair, 87 monsters didn't seem like much at first but it escalated perfectly from a steady start to a meatier end - the varied repopulation kept it interesting throughout.

A few small niggles, the lighting could have done with a bit more contrast, the textures were sometimes a bit busy with the amount of detail, it took me a while to realise what little door had opened after shooting the pipe things, and I spent too long thinking the railgun was a secret. But these are small detractions from a really good map. 
Oh I Forgot 
The bonus start and finish can suck a thousand dicks but they're haRDLY part of the map proper... 
Replay For The Bantz 
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