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SM207: Ceremonial Speedmaps
Composite Screenshot

Levels inspired by Ceremonial Circles by CZG, otherwise known as CZG03. Green brick levels with large amounts of verticality and winding layouts.
Levels were created in 72 hours.

Hardcore Mazu

CZG for the inspiration level and all of the great contributions to the Quake community over the years.
Greenwood for putting together the poster.
My Map Not Included? 
I sent it to the email address in the announcement post. 
Played Through The Whole Pak! 
4LT: Very nice! Had to take two attempts at the end arena. Sinking house was a fun element.

Artistical: Great encounter setups. Got lost at the silver key. Had to noclip my way out of an elevator into a monster clostet :(

Dante: Nice hinting of goals at the beginning. I got the two easy secrets. Great job occlusion enemies. Many of them aren't seen until they're in melee range. Kept it quite intense :)

Dumptruck: this map felt very adversarial. But each surprise was fun. Had to quicksave a few times to carry forward. Evil spawns! Had 1hp when I tapped the gold key pillar... thankfully I quicksaved before the Ogres. Lots of fun- well done!

Greenwood: Excellent layout! Enjoyed having a bit of non-linear freedom within a well designed framework. Moving upward was satisfyingly difficult.

H4724: Really clever use of space. Felt like a small space in which to fit so many encounters. Great use of the double-lift that works on two levels.

HCM: Amazing construction. Gameplay feels very polished. Excellent ammo supply- I needed every bit of it. Had to retreat from the last fight to get health and supplies, then had to track down a rogue Shambler who was wandering around the map looking for me. Amazed how far it could navigate! Very fun. Well done.

Ionous: Loved it! It's a pleasure navigating through your maps- always know precisely where I need to go next, or at least what goal I'm after. Got through it fairly quickly, a very balanced experience.

ISH: I died so many times! Gimmicky, but super fun. The last battle- very clever :D

Nyoei: Super moody. Lighting made me feel nervous from the beginning. Excellent map flow, and since it was a short map... it was fun to find out I shouldn't go for the gold key first. Was worried I wouldn't be able to survive a final encounter, but no one was behind the last door. *whew*.

OTP: Gorgeous brushwork! Loved the whole look of this map. Progression felt good, and the be-tentacled Shub tower was a great focal point.

Quadiotter: Fascinating experience. I got an error at the end, which said it couldn't find the target. Despite that, I enjoyed finding my way around this IF map, and seeing the progress markets show up. Very cool experiment.

Conclusions: Definitely saw some common factors in this pak. I'm now thinking about Ogres in several new ways :) With regard to the theme and gameplay, several of these progressed nicely in difficulty and felt like a mini-episode of Ogre-and-Circle themed maps. Definitely gonna have to go back and play czg's originals to experience it for myself. Good job, everyone! Love it. 
My apologies on that one, I didn't check my apparently seriously over-eager spam filter. Isn't the first time I've accidentally left email submissions out.
OP should be updated soon with a new link. 
That is definitely one bad ass tribute :) 
Gonna play through (all? some?) of this on in a couple of hours.

Man, czg03 was a good map. Maybe replay that first... 
Awesome (as Expected) 
4lt: awesome! first of all, i love the green building the most. that was super cool making something askew like that is always a plus. combat was kinda rough with the regular boomstick at first, but manageable-though i took it for granted and died, but did it again successfully(:

artistical: awesome architecture as always. very interesting layout, weird combat encounters that i really liked (especially the room with heaps of enemies), cool sense of verticality.

dantescanline: loved the spaces here. the first area was kinda confusing as to where to go at first. really cool way things connected together.

dumptruck and greenwood: grouping you two together because of the similar concept! pretty funny but i also really really love that they're different! i love open maps like that so much. i love the feeling of being overwhelmed by too much and then slowly understanding it (though not knowing is my favourite part), especially with verticality involved. love the rocky and circular themes of your maps, respectively. pretty challenging but far from unfair. i really really enjoyed these maps.

h4724: very enjoyable map. loved the end tribute. the spaces are divided in a rather cool way. really enjoyed the flow here!

hardcore mazu: holy cow, that was an impressive map. so many twisty turns, i was amazing at how interconnected everything was. really difficult, but i beat it in one try so the balance was great! idk, just a really well-designed piece of quake.

ionous: ohh, that was a good one. a really solid map with a really great flow!

ish: at first this map seemed unreasonable, but the second try led to success. sometimes i do like that kind of thing, where you have to learn the trick to the map by failing. i also love how 'cozy' it is, seems like you were adding in a 'small map' theme as well. i love tight lil' maps like this!

negki: um, wow. lol. i really loved the different approach. it was a decent map, i think a little sparse though, could be smaller or more enemies. i really liked the, you-know-what, i'm always looking for something different in quake.

nyoei: this had my favourite atmosphere in the pack. wow, you really nailed it with that. i think being able to go to the gold key area right away was pretty rough; i wish it would have been blocked off or somehow indicated to come back later. otherwise, pretty cool stuff!

onetruepurple: this felt like the end of an episode. mysterious, unforgiving, a gradual victory. a cool mini-adventure in itself.

quasiotter: as usual, here's the postmortem: 
Re: Kaffikopp SpeedRun 
That was an incredible 14 seconds. Well done! 
Above comment for wrong thread. Sorry. 
These Are All Very Different 
almost all were very nice, really enjoyed these!
Haven't played all but really nice pack so far.
OTP, this is better than some of your jam maps! Would have liked a bit more interactions with Shub but still quite a good flow.
Negke, this a reference to SM160? 
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