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AD_Q1SP: Secrets Of The Keep
From the the dark sewers to the streets, invade and explore my biggest map yet! Using Makkon's texture wad as a base. Not challenging on hard, but hopefully you have fun. Because of its open nature, a beefy pc is recommended!


Bonus map!! AD_Q1SP: Corrupted sector (maxx4)
This is my second ever map, when I started to dabble with AD.
Short base map, 1024^3.

Thanks, this looks gorgeous! Can't wait to play it. 
Played The Bonus Map 
...and it was a cool little Base map! 
Impressive ! 
86:49 11/21 222/225

Masterful sense of scale (stafe-friendly plazza and terraces!). Interconnectivity galore. Monsters choice in perfect match with the theme. (Final gathering a bit easy to snipe though). Loved how the whole area extends itself beyond the initial village and despite all I never lost my way (no need of the usual direction arrows!)

Huge attention to detail. Natural trees and props placement. Perfect lighting. Lots of nice brushwork and texturing choices. This map is a classic already!

Thank you for this ultra fine share of ADQuake confinement! Now, I've to go back on a final secret hunt... 
Superb map.

My only complain is the music. It's too repetitive to my taste.

I noticed that a few small objects (some swords and other small items) were in blue, without their proper texture (a memory problem?).

The frame rate was a bit slow on my system.

Nice that some of the lights can be detroyed with proper lighning effects! 
Very good map.

Like the progression through the rooftops with GL/RL, overall spacing is superb. A good amount of ammo, a lot of enemies and a load of secrets!

Got some stuttering, but it's okay. Some maps from xmasjam19 were much more laggy and much worse in gameplay. 
Nicely Done 
Really enjoyed this one, particularly the setting of a quiet old timey city. Gameplay as others have said is balanced, though I ended up with tons of shells at the end. Died a few times as well but those were my fault. Did you use any of the id ambient noises, like the swampy frogs croaking? Because I didn't hear any throughout my playthrough, and I think it could have benefited from that little extra background noise in the outdoors areas. Just a suggestion.

All in all a terrific map, one for the winners book.

First run playthrough, hard skill: 
Thanks everyone :)
Barnak, according to EricW:
"That blue skin means the mod is requesting a skin number that's out of range"
"Checking the quakespasm change log, we removed that behaviour in 2017"

Orl, I disabled all ambient id1 noises, they were present at all time even when far away from water. I replaced them with custom ambient sounds (that are probably too subtle in retrospect) 
On a side note, Makkon's textures are pretty nice looking, not sure if they are officially released yet but we should put up a news post or something about them :) 
I Think 
They're sort of in a perpetual state of WIP? 
Fantastic map! I've found all the secrets :) Didn't record the demo though, sorry.

Ambience is fantastic, textures and lighting are very pleasant, quite a fresh look for Quake.

Difficulty was fine, maybe a little on the easy side, but I play pretty cautionary. There were a few instances where enemies were too easy to snipe, for example vores and shamblers in the church. I feel some encounters could be more forceful.

Also, does anything happen when you shoot all lights? I think I've found them all but didn't notice anything. 
GJ Flint! Nothing happens if you shoot out all the lights, though I had an idea to turn off the sun as a joke (not sure if that is possible as of now)

Anyway I seem to have messed up the tree models' rotation which either turns up as the default angle, or in some cases for an older AD build, they rotate sideways! Whoops... 
you could set lightstyle 0 to "a" in QuakeC -- but that would require a custom progs.dat 
Trees Seem Fine To Me 
Luckily, I didn't see any funky tree action when I played it; however, I did use vkQuake ...though I doubt it should behave any differently than the current version of Quakespasm.

Great job with the map! I appreciated the additional sounds and attention to detail. The bonus Base map was quite enjoyable too. 
A Great Medieval Adventure 
An excellent map that blends the old school twisting maze layout, with a more modern approach of more realistic designs and architectural motifs.

I especially like the use of models all over the map to add details. The designs of the castle and surrounding city were very nice both visually and to play through. Combat made good use of new ad monsters.

Its a pity about the lighting system in Quake as some of the models obviously won't light properly (ie lanterns that are mostly black) but not much to be done about this. I did get a little lost at the end having to backtrack, but it wasn't too bad.

An highly enjoyable map overall.

My Quaddicted Comment. 
Amazing architecture and pretty nice gameplay, if a bit on the easy side, even on nightmare. What really makes the difference here is the incredible atmosphere and sense of place, totally immersive.

I got a strong resemblance to the Attack On Titan anime, with the huge outer walls and village(is this inetentional?).
Truly amazing. Well done.

There are a couple of heads up to be had, though: the very open layout of the external areas allows for several potentially game breaking choiches. The one to be aware of is if you manage to get into the blue key chapel breaking through a window, you have no way of getting out, so beware that.
Also, the final fight can be approached in several ways, even skipping a large part of the monsters but the exit only opens after you've killed all the Minotaurs(I think, as there's no counter). So if you find the closed doors, you need to go back and hunt down the monsters. 
Mine Too! 
I'm going to copy my Quaddicted comment here as well, since I really want to give this map props. This is just a cut-and-paste so it probably is redundant with some of the other comments above. :-)


IMO this is one of the best "castle maps" out there.

Great ambience -- the sounds, music track, architecture, and vistas give it almost a Thief 2 vibe which is enhanced by the fact that you do a lot of climbing-up and dropping-down to get into places where "you're not supposed to be". Overall a strong sense of going-on-an-adventure that reminds me a lot of Axebeard's entry in the Sewer Jam, except this is on an even larger scale.

The fact that there are "only" 250-ish monsters on skill 2 for such a big map is a reflection of good pacing (for my tastes). None of the fights could be consered horde-y until maybe near the end, but there's some nifty monster mixing and placement that make the fights fun. A couple of times I even reloaded purely to take another whack at doing a particular setpiece in a different way.

I love the way the map opens up in particular manner as you approach the end, and the way it leads you back to the exit once you have your full arsenal... I guess I won't comment more on either of those for spoiler reasons. Only to say that a lot of apparently inaccessible areas become accessible in a way that will seem obvious in retrospect.

I can see how some folks could get a lost a bit in the early-to-mid parts of the map. FWIW I personally had a good time with those areas; the intermittent stretches of multiple-pathing gave it more of an exploring feel, and it let me work around behind or to the side of some monster groups to pick at them. I think the fact that the streets give you visibility of some landmarks helps; also that they are "characterful" and not just interchangeable hallways. The only thing that tripped me up a bit was that two different courtyards have the Shub statue, and since I had glimpsed it in one courtyard from a doorway (without entering), when I got to the other courtyard I thought that it was the same place I had seen before which screwed up my mental map for a while.

Anyway. Great trip. :-) I think Maxx's Xmas Jam 2019 map was also a little castle which was very cool, so he's definitely got the chops for this theme! 
Good "bonus" map too. :-) 
I thought that I already had given my accolades for this excellent map, but apparently not. Basically, I agree with everything JohnXmas said.

I had missed the bonus map, which is unique and fun little map, although I found it a bit confusing at times.

Anyway, Secrets of the Keep is a classic. 
*a unique... 
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