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SM208: Caves, Canyons & Crevices
72 hour weekend event released!


Authors: Artistical, Comrade Beep, Chris Holden, Dantescanline, Greenwood, Hardcore Mazu, Ionous, ish, JCR, MarkieMusic, MortalMaxx, Naitelveni, Qmaster, Quasiotter.


Thanks to all who participated!
Tons of variety between the maps! Every single one carries the voice of its author. Had an absolute blast. Here's my full playthrough: 
Artistical: The zombies in there just feel... unecesary to be honest, they dont really propose some sort of challenge or something. They are just there. I dont know how to feel about the design of the cave. It is agresive and unwelcoming but at the same time, maybe its too much. I do like the shambler on the second part where you think you have to figth it but it just disapears. Altougth it loses all impact the second and third time it happens. Then the holes on the ground. that came out of nowhere and where frustating. Mostly because the ligth of the shotgun didnt do a lot because of the texture size of the floor. And also I feel the story is just kinda... incomplete? But I guess thats the problems with speedmaps.

Comrade Beep: Its a nice map, and really good looking. Dont really have a lot of complaints. The only thing that confused me its the amout of ammo and health there was. which was a lot, altougth I guess with speedmaps you dont have a lot of time to balance things out

Chrisholden: Good map. I llike how there are little side paths in the main path were you can pick up weapons and stuff. I also like how there are two paths with two weapons and you can chose if you want to figth the vores with only one weapon or both. As for visuals, I feel that using a ground texture thats diferent from the walls would have helped a lot. But apart from that, good stuff

Dante: No makkon textures. Disqualified. Nah, I am joking. Its a good little map, I liked the encounter with the two fiends in that "hole". I liked the visuals and also the little messages that apear at the begining. Its good

Greenwood: Casa caverna. Yep its surely its a Cavern house. This map was fun, I like how you can aproach things in various ways outside of the house because of how open it is. I also like the enemy encounters encounters in the house. The highlitgh for me its how you enter a room and a oger and a scrag spawn behind you and that whole encounter basically devolved into me jumping in the bed, which I just found really funny. And I also like how the shambler in the house forces you to use the layout of the house. Its just a fun map in general

HCM: Holy fucking shit, this map is incredible. I am in love with this map. The beginning with no monsters just setting the mood. How when you enter the first figth its just goes from 0 to 11. The pacing of the whole thing with how with all the insane figths there are moments that are more chill. The atmosphere. And the final figth. Holy shit that figth. Its been a while since I played a map that got my blood pumping like that, I am not shitting. And shomehow, you fucking mad lad, made it fair, and I never found it frustating. This migth be my favorite map in a while. AND THIS IS A SPEEDMAP. HOW THE FUCK DID YOU DO THIS. I am speechless. 10 out of fucking 10

Ionous: Good map. I like the enemy encounters , how it looks, and how it reuses space. Alotugth I did run out of ammo in the end with the vore and the shambler so I just had to run pass them. Its short and sweet.

Ish: Well this map doesnt fuck around. And also that is quite the intro. Really setsup how the rest of the map is going to be. The map is hard, and quite conservative with ammo and health, but I did like the challenge, even tho I could see this been too much for some people. I liked it

JCR: Really neat map. I like the choise of music and how it looks and also like the enemy encounters(altougth I died too many times where that death knigth is because I tougth there was ground in front of me) But apart from that its pretty good!

Markie: Now THAT is a good looking map. The visuals are top tier here. The gameplay is also good, altougth it does suffer a little from most figth being in a corridor, but still it was fun. Really good map!

Maxx: Really good looking map. gameplay is good and I like how the map connets with itself. Neat little map.

Nait: Its a neat map. I like how it looks and how it plays, altougth(this is more of a personal thing) I found the map kind of simple with the enemy encounters, altougth it is a speedmap so its kinda expected. I also liked how you used the shambler as a sort of gate, that was a nice touch.

Qmaster: Well this is interesting. The grand canyon in Quake. Its a little rough around the edges but there are some good moments, like where you go to that town in that valley. I fell that if you worked on this idea a little bit more you could get something really interesthing out of this.

Quasiotter: It short but its fun to mess around in for a while, but I gotta try this with that skate mod. To get the full experience I used the skating quake mod, Kickflip Quake and surpringly it works rather well! 
Great little map pack! The maps are short and sweet which is nice for a pack with this many maps. The art styles range from modern looking to classic Quake and basically everything in-between. Great variety between the maps as well! Each one feels very unique. Lots of interesting ideas in here, not all were fully fleshed out or realized but for speedmapping it goes with the territory and I appreciate the attempt at doing things differently even if the execution doesn't always work out. 
Here's the source files for mine if anyone wants them. 
Canyons Make Me Rock Hard 
Great pack by everyone, this is a particular theme I enjoy in maps and was pleased with all the entries.

First run demos for each map, hard skill. 
Video Review 
in about 3 hours,

Really enjoyed the previous speedmap jam, this is looking good as well. Was planning on contributing something myself but alas, it wasn't meant to be. Perhaps next time... 
The Qmaster Map.. 
Wow that looked spectactular in such un-quake like way :) How was it made? 
He said it was made via Khreathor's obj2map, a scan of part the Grand Canyon, and Blender. Here is a link to the specifics and files: 
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