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Disconcerting Unease Speedmap Pack
4 new metal-themed speedmaps by Dunlop, Grawert, Oniscu, and Yoder

quaketastic download
Well, So Far... 
This is great! It's nice to see a new map from Grawert (CZG). The massive func_trains were awesome. Yoder's map was quite nice too, also employing some nice mechanics.

Look forward to the rest! 
all very nice maps! holy shit. 
Skill 2 demos
Oniscu's map tries to load two different skies, but there are no skies included. 
Dunlop Map... 
has a few defects: can't go down and up again after we mostly finished the map. The elevators don't work anymore, so this let exploration very limited.

I think this beautifull map needs a small fix release. 
Second Playthrough Video 
Fun Was Had 
Playthrough skill 3, some occasional commentary.

Odd occurrence in Dunlops map; two ogres started infighting. link Don't think I've ever seen that before in vanilla id1. I could replicate it on this map, but on any other map I tried nothing happened. Custom progs or something? 
If the two were an ogre & an ogre marksman (they look identical), then this is normal. Most folks don't use ogre marksman; however, they can be nice and stealthy ...they don't make a noise when they see you like the regular ogre. 
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