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Q1SP: The Sector Four
map name: xl4 (The Sector Four)
author: xLarve
Monsters count: 220
Secrets: 6
Sounds: 06
Worldtype: 2 (base)

download link

Good Luck and Have Qwak!
Avoid spoilers! Testing walkthrough... no secrets... 
Super Cool! 
This is a really interesting Base map with an almost a Möbius strip-like layout. I really loved the attention to detail and the nooks & crannies. I also loved the quad runs, although I didn't get a chance to properly use the second one, since I took a wrong turn (which isn't hard to do with this map, but I do not mean that in a bad way). Generous grenade supply allowed for some fun gibbing too. Fun map! I will definitely go back to see if I can find more of those secrets. 
More Screenshots Of Map 
don't want upload screenshots on any site... or clog
quaketastic... here link on twitter... 
For Greenwood 
Quaketastic was literally made for screenshots. 
Love Maps Like This 
All kills
3/6 Secrets

Tight, compact, full of little grebbly detail and not super short.

Loved it. 
Where To Go ?! 
Playthrough : . Not all monsters killed, only 2 secrets found.

I'll be honest, but I really didn't like that map. It's so small, so detailed everywhere that it immediately confuses a player when he first starts it. And the clear lack of "where to go" makes it even more confusing to the player. I know you made some red arrows at the beginning, but afterwards, it becomes way less apparent. Some indicator messages could have been a neat plus, to be honest.

Also, that skrag alone at the end... Is a little weird ? 
yes, agree. In a futuristic map, a monster from another setting. But I did so for an interesting fight with the monster. I tried to make a map in a purely quake vanilla design (which I always did). I know that many q1 players prefer a walker with 1 shotgun and a map style for Half-life1 
Sweet base map that hopefully doesn't get lost in the shuffle of this week's new releases. Excellent brushwork and nice moody lighting. Layout is challenging and requires some thinking, but this seems to have been the mapper's intent. I was slightly confused by the environment at first, wondering what is wall and what is door, but after getting my bearings I enjoyed it as it kept me on my toes. Health and ammo are well balanced. Overall, I dig! 
tnx. about door-texture... ok, i'll try to take attention for it in the future. Already start using edoor01_1 texture. Try to make obvious run but with variativity... 
The map is too mazey for me, but it has solid 200+ enemies and explosives, which is nice.

Here is my demo: 
skill 3 playtrough

Some thoughts along the way, skip to the end for a summary 
every map I try to keep within the format of classic maps, but can't... maybe in next time 
great lighting/brushwork, great action, skill 1, 5m54s. too bad some door sounds are missing 
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