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Quake Builder Community Blockout #1
Hey everybody! I'd like to formally announce my first community mapping event, Quake Builder Blockout #1!


What is this?:
The premise is simple. I'm providing you with an unpopulated blockout map that I built using khreathor's prototype wad, and it's your job to go and give it monsters and art! Keeping it fairly simple and straightforward for this first go-around, a linear map with a few loops thrown in for good measure. We will be working with vanilla id1 progs for this first event as well.

When is this due?:
In order to make it into the video showing off the completed maps, you must turn in by May 11th, 12 PM PST. Countdown timer here:

Can I change the layout?:
Yes! Feel free to make any changes you'd like to the layout as you see fit. Just try not to delete the whole layout and makea completely unrelated map...

Other Notes:
Since this may be some people's first mapping submissions, I've also included a readme template in the package, remember
to fill that out and send it in along with your map submissions! Sending your .map source file is also highly encouraged to let others peek at what you've done to maybe learn something.

If you're interested in participating, head on over to the Quake Mapping Discord #quake-builder-blockout-1 channel and type .iam quakebuilder for the role!

Feel free to submit to me on discord,
Markie Music#2045

Off topic, it never occurred to me that "progs" could rhyme with "rogues" instead of "dogs" 
Hearing markie say that completely melted my brain. 
Proggie Roguey 
Prog = Program

You wouldn't pronounce it prah-gram... right? 
well, "progs" is a folder full of monsters and items and sprites, so the "progs.dat" could be "data" for how the game should use the "progs" 
Maybe Romero can settle this etymological dispute 
going further... i search "progs meaning" on google, and the word was created in 1930 (abbreviation of program) meaning a television, a radio or a computer program.

also, if you click to hear the pronunciation, it says "prägs" (rhyme with "dogs") 
My Map For The Event 
To Cocerello 
Since you didn't submit to me on Discord, I didn't see your map until now after I released, but I will be sure to add your map before submitting to Quaddicted. 
I Have No Way To Access Discord 
that's why i put it both here and in Youtube and half a day before the deadline. If not i would have submitted it to Discord. 
For better inclusivity and accessibility to the community, once you post a map event thread on here, keep checking it and keep people involved.... 
I Should Also 
have notified him of it beforehand. I became overconfident when he answered fast to a question on Youtube. 
My apologies, I just now see your YouTube comment. For some damn reason, YouTube never gave me a notification for it. Even double checked and scrolled down my YT notifications list to see and nothing. I will include an email address for future events and check the thread. 
Submitting Maps 
I would maybe recommend still posting a Map Event thread here but noting all submissions to be done on Discord so there are clear guidelines. Of course still check the thread for queries etc. 
I would recommend not abandoning func_msgboard. 
Agree With Otp Here 
IMO this should always be the place for the "official" posts not the other way around. It's on the coordinator to keep track of submissions no matter what the venue. It's part of the job. 
In My Opinion 
i do not think it is about posting it here or on discord but that if the organizer wants more people to join, has to give some way to submit anyone can use.

But that wasn't what happened here. 
The reason I suggest that this be the official place for event posts is that it's recorded by search engines and backed up regularly thanks to Metl and Sleep. Discord is not recorded this way and requires an account etc. It's useful but not future proof. 
Discord is not recorded this way
Discord servers can/should be backed up to html even if you're not ever planning to post the backups publicly. 
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