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AD SP: Aerospace Vitriol
Authors: CZG and Greenwood

This map was constructed from 2 CZG scrapped maps:
Aerospace Two (CZG05) and Vocoded Vitriol (CZG17).

Because they are both Doom UAC installation layouts,
Arcane Dimensions was used, due to its expanded Base bestiary.


Thanks for this awesome map. I had a blast from beginning to end and can't wait to replay it. 
I Wonder. 
Was that Shambler ambush from czg05 kept? 
Yes, it was! Since CZG05 wasn't finished, CZG hadn't populated the map yet; however, that one ambush was already there, so I kept it. My playtesters seem to like it :) 
Great map, uses the base enemies really well 
@nxanthos And @yhe1 
Nice map-rescuing!

A really fun layout to work through, although it lost some interestingness after the yellow door near the end. Mostly on-point though and a good match with the theme (did the original scraps have a similar theme?). Perhaps the widowmaker was delivered too early :-) but on the other hand it can be cathartic to megaboomstick your way through things. Good monster mix too, way to exercise the AD techbase crew.

Speaking of the theme, this is one of the better kind-of-Doom-but-really-Quake looks. Not too much attempt at realism or tech-greebles, and just enough added color. Generally good lighting for visibility too, although again maybe falling off near the end?

Oddly enough it strongly reminded me of my first time playing an old old old DM map "clean01", which I think was one of the first tech texturings I saw in Quake. If I went back to have another look at it now I'm sure it wouldn't resemble this very much, but maybe it's just the feeling of this particular kind of fresh coat of paint. 
@Johnny Law 
Glad that you enjoyed it!

Regarding your questions about the original scraps, they can be found here:

Perusing through them probably provides better answers than words :) 
Of all of czg's old scraps, I always liked these two most, so it's good something finally became of them. However, I'm a little disappointed they were merged solely by means of a long dark corridor instead of something where the two parts are close next to each other and intricately connected. 
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