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AD SP: Network Unreachable
I came out of mapping retirement after 19 years to make a new SP map for Arcane Dimensions, called Network Unreachable.

You are in charge of IT at one of Quake's military bases, but you've accidentally taken down the base's internet connection! Now you must face the consequences of your incompetence.

Get it here:

Screenshots here:

Obv you need arcane dimensions v1.7:
Enjoyable Map 
Hey there, I'm glad you came out of retirement for this. I especially like the map's good sense of humor. That's a rare quality. I played on normal and the encounters were challenging but never unfair. Found 2/6 secrets (where could they be...?)

A suggestion: When the button enables the steps, at first I thought that I had to climb the INSIDE steps (which lead nowhere). It took me some time before I noticed the steps OUTSIDE :) 
Cool Map 
died several times, which makes it kinda challenging. good to see olde textures in the work again. first run demos are here: 
Skill 2 demo
Kept rushing into the middle of the action and it kept working out, very action-packed and well-paced. 
Nice And Indeed Intense 
The room sealed by the gold key took me a few tries in Nightmare. That was a very fun and fast-paced map, thanks! The 56k sounds brought back fond memories of taking weeks to download Zerstörer and Fantasy Quake ... :) 
I Love That Theme! 
Good fun man, everything rolled along nicely. A solid look too and some chuckles :-) and I always like paths that go back through/over previous areas... good to get another map out of ya. 
I liked it. Nice texture set, nice lighting and fun combat. The stairs were annoying at times, particularly in the super nail gun room and I also kind of dislike siren sounds in games unless they are used very sparingly. But really fun map that I will replay to find all secrets. 
Nice Map, Demo Provided 
Some enjoyable set-pieces and stuff. Great usage of that texture set and the lighting was suitably moody. You didn't pull any punches with the arenas and I died a couple of times as a result. 
Thanks for the kind words and demos guys :) 
Here are my demos from first play on skill 2.
Died a lot to the ambushes.

Good job! 
Overall very good map. Great graphics, great combat, nice humor, good level design. 
Yes Man. 
Nice map indeed. Fresh style, cool designs, good gameplay.

Video with commentary and some relevant critiques. Plus comparison to retro FPSes in general 
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