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New Q1SP By Czg - Witch House Mixtape
It's just a single map, but it's kinda cute.


First Run Demo 
skill 1
map is cute indeed. 
(specifically the Dust skybox in that pack) 
Cool Base/Ruins Map 
I enjoyed exploring the Base areas mixed within the ruins and appreciated the generous secrets sprinkled in. Loved the cattails! 
Finally, new map from czg!

1st playthrough skill 2 demo (QSS 0.93.2 / protocol 999): 
Quite Enjoyed That 
Corrupted demo, but I didn't find many secrets until my second run-through. As Dumptruck said on Twitter, I was a bit apprehensive about the mix of base with a lot of brickwork and wood, but it was pulled off quite well, especially with the skybox Johnny Law linked.

As for gameplay, I've never really liked the default Base monsters gameplay, but there was enough excitement in the routing and usage of height that I found it less tedious than other base efforts.

Good shit as always, if you're even reading this, CZG. 
Interesting Mix Of Textures 
from that screenshot. Will try to find time to play it. 
Did you do any easter egg hunting up on the rooftop? It's pretty cool :) 
Nice Stuff 
proper vintage czg wearing his terra trousers when making this, for sure 
Really Good Fun 
Played through on Hard difficulty, managed to find 7/9 secrets. Quite a dark map, but perhaps my brightness settings were too low. Nevertheless a great experience, as you'd expect from CZG. One of my favorite maps of the year! 
Also Found It Dark 
someone ought to teach this guy about proper lighting 
hahahaha........ joking right? 
Sweet little map. Embarrassingly enough I found 0/9 secrets.

good stuff. a bit too dark for my taste. changing the enemy placements a bit could have helped. 
Cool Map! 
Had a good time with it, interesting visuals and good gameplay, hope we get more of these! 
Pretti Kuul 
Nice little map. I like the mixing of elements - a certain pinch of Madfox. Maybe one could say it feels both classic and refined at the same time. Bit on the dark side, but works overall. Gameplay is enjoyable and with plenty of managable secrets never too hard. GG and may more of czg's wisdom come our way.

If You Are Going To Mix Themes 
This is the way to do it. I never felt lost and wanted more. GG czg. 
Very refreshing map with a balanced gameplay, had lots of fun.

Thks :) 
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