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SM209:Traps Is Here! [Requires Quake AD1.71]
Thanks to Ing-ing, quasiotter, KONAir, Greenwood and all the others that didn't make it. I must admit 2 weeks was to much time to finish a map. Therefore I am not surprised on how this turned out. However you get to enjoy 4 1/2 maps filled with devious traps.

Have Fun

Pack Download:

Required Mod: Arcane Dimensions 1.71
Greenwood's map here is exceptional. Check it out! Thanks for the fun you lot. 
Contribute, Please 
this mappack in .ZIP format. It is still missed on Quaddicted and will be lost for community.
Save this beautiful maps from oblivion! 
I just repackaged and posted this on the Quaddicted Forums here.

They'll get to it eventually. 
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