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Quake Builder Director's Cut
Hello everyone, I've recently began an interview series on my Quake Builder youtube channel where I speak with mappers about works of theirs while playing them. While this isn't a new format by any stretch, I try to make it a bit more structured and make use of editing to keep pacing and maybe show other goodies. The most recent episode features Sock with his id1 version of Horde of Zendar:

The Horde of Zendar by Simon O'Callaghan

The previous episodes as of this post can be found here:
Deep Research & The Lima Project by Comrade Beep
Mana Vemputin by Smilecythe
A Saint Nobody Has Heard Of by Lunaran
The Black Reincarnation by JCR
Oxyblack Fortress by Heresy

I will update this thread as new releases come out.
I really like the format. Look forward to hearing from other mappers. 
Bunker Of Barzai & Malvirta Station By Greenwood 
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