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Q1SP: The Doomed Cathedral
Medium-sized mixtex map. SP only.

A little backstory: this is my first map, started exactly 20 years ago. It was dormant on an old HDD and I finally decided to finish it. The basic layout and flow of the level were pretty much done already, and some areas were even almost fully finished. I was actually surprised with what I'd done at the time without much experience or references.

I tried to make it as "modern" as I could, while respecting most of the original design ideas I had 2 decades ago, and I'm pretty satisfied with the result.

Screenshots: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

UPDATE: version 2 download
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Very Cool Map! 
This map fits perfectly with what you said. It looks modern and polished but still feels very retro and classic. I really liked the layout and secrets in this one, despite being mixtex it sold the illusion that it was a real place.

I will say though that it was a little sparse on health, but nothing that diminishes the fun to be had, it just increases the challenge.

I'm glad this didn't get lost in your HDD forever, it's a great map! 
Very Good :) 
Thank you, I like it very much! I have finished the map twice, every time found all the secrets, but had 118/122 kills on skill 2. Did I miss 4 enemies? 
Very nice mix of classic and modern. It's great to see people finishing and releasing maps after so many years. Congratulations!

Although I'm not so sure about making secrets effectively mandatory (as per the readme), they were lots of fun to find. I managed to find 13 out of 14 on my first playthrough and can certainly see myself replaying this until I've found the lot.

The map looks very nice for the most part. A couple of places felt overdetailed and others the opposite, but overall I have to agree with gnemeth that you pulled off the mixed theme well (despite my not being a fan of mixtex in general). Still, I can't help but think that it would have looked even nicer if the base bits were converted into a similar style to the rest of the map. :)

A few things I would criticise (SPOILERS):

The RL secret only triggers when you ride up on the platform, meaning you can grab the RL without triggering the secret. Finding the armoury secret somewhat mitigates the issue, but it's still not ideal.

The way the exit is signposted is also a little risky: you show it to the player once and then they never see it again. Then they have to trek back to it at the very end of the map, and the route is not marked all that clearly. In a map this size it's not too much of a problem, but it strikes me as the kind of thing that could easily leave players lost and frustrated. Just my two cents. 
Unmodded Quake counts every Rotfish twice, so in a map with fish you can never get 100% kills. 
Thanks man! (ou, como você é BR: valeu cara!)

I thought about putting some more health, but there were already various health packs and megahealths spread throughout the secrets. So I left that down to the player to hunt at least some of them ;). But I'll consider that on a next revision.

I've even added a respawn trick to some of them on my last playthroughs (some items on the level respawn after you open the exit door), but I guess that wasn't enough then. 
Lots Of Fun 
Glad you decided to complete it in the end. Finding secrets definitely helps, I was able to complete the map without finding them all but they would have made my life much easier.

I'll probably give the map another go one of these days to complete the hunt for secrets. The difficulties for me mainly stemmed from careful monster placement, and some health issues as well, but I'd say the map was reasonably difficult (Nightmare).

I also liked your attempt at blending different styles, as well as some interesting architecture bits (bricks sticking out in places, reminiscent of The Forgotten Sepulcher, and the ruined area at the beginning). 

Yeah, there may be some inconsistencies detail-wise, but that's the problem of developing a map over so many years hahah

There's one secret that's missing a glowing light that should make it easier to find (I swear it was there before), and I noticed that only after I published the map. I don't know if it was this one, but it's something I need to fix anyway.

About the RL secret: the trigger goes all the way down to the floor level actually, and I made it as thick as I could without making it triggerable with the plat up. Probably I'll need to enlarge the platform itself a little bit so I can make the trigger_secret larger than the RL entity.

And about the exit door, that crossed my mind really, but I thought that the level wasn't large or complex enough to people get lost and forget where things are. But adding some more signs won't hurt I guess. 
Some More Bits About The Developin Process... 
There were three distinct moments when I picked up the map to do something.

First was when I started it, when all I had played was vanilla Quake. That was then I thought about the basic layout of the map (the idea to play the whole level, than backtrack to the beginning with respawned monsters), and most of the themes and designs for the areas - the beginning corridor, the gold key room, the water tank at the base area, the lava atrium, and some other details.
Some time later (2-3 years maybe), was when I played MP1 and got various ideas from there - that was when I came up with the cathedral idea, and making it a sort of "hub" for the level, and the final runic segment (it was supposed to be another base area that got scrapped).
And the third moment was a few months ago, when I picked up Quake again to play after so many years, and quickly found out about Arcane Dimensions, then thought "wow, I wish I've made something close to this quality level". That was my target, and although I know I'm not there yet, I think I'll get better with time.

One thing that I like in games in general is hunting secrets (well-designed secrets at least), so I tried to put some effort into that, and make people search for them a little too. 
@threekidsinatrenchcoat: Oh, I didn't know about this bug. Good to know for the future. 
As threekidsinatrenchcoat said, it's probably because of the rotfish count bug. I've read that there's a way to correct that only through map hacks, so maybe I'll try that on a next revision. 
Yeah, the whole AD mod was a huge inspiration for the ambientation and detailing of the map. As for the health, I guess I'll add some more packs later, as I said in a previous comment. 
Really Fun 
Hey there, this was a great map to playthrough. After discovering all the secrets, it was a breeze on Hard difficulty (you give away the nailgun quickly to secret-hunters!). Next I'll try it on nightmare. I don't think more health packs are necessary, as long as the player discovers a few secrets along the way (and geez, there are 14 of them in a 122 enemy map! I think it's fair.)

Like threekidsinatrenchcoat, I've found a problem with a secret trigger. **SPOILERS** At the end, returning to the big open area where a part of the wall opens and leads to a Quad secret once a brick is pressed, that secret can actually be "triggered" (not revealed) when the player walks just near it by the column. 
Cool Map Brought Back From Deep Sleep! 
Really great that you didn't let this map go to waste! There were some really neat parts in this map, like the ambush after the crusher. I only managed to find 3 of the 14 secrets. At the tail end it seemed a bit light on ammo, but a nail box appeared later on around a corner. Pretty fun! 
Super fun. I think folks have mostly already said what I might have said? On skill 2 I didn't personally encounter ammo or health issues... well actually there did seem to be a heck of a lot of grenades :-) but that's OK grenades are fun.

Only 4 secrets found I think. Gotta go back in and poke around more. 
Video Playthrough...

Again, it's great that you brought this back from the dead, like Lazarus. 
Yeah, this was fun. Reminded me a bit of The Black Cathedral in Scourge of Armagon, which is one of my favorite levels in it. Will certainly play it again as I missed most of the secrets (as always). Thanks for the release! 
Version 2 Released! 
- Lots of bugfixes based on everyone's input (thank you all for the feedback!)
- Detail improvements in many areas
- A few more/bigger health packs spread around the level
- Some new monsters, because why not

That's actually the level that inspired me to build the cathedral! One of my favorites also. 
Really thanks for the video man!
It's always good to see someone else playing your level. It's hard for me to guess the difficulty of each secret, as much as I try. There are some hints that I thought were fairly obvious or easy to find, and I can see that's not always the case. 
Can't Run It 
QSS 14.10.21
Host error: Ed_parseEdict: parse error

QS 0.94.2
Can't find function hurt_on
Host error: Ed_parseEdict: parse error 
I have QSS 06.10.21 installed and it runs perfectly.

If you want to test it, here is the zip file: 
Nope It Was Progs.dat 
from Authentic Model Improvements for Quake by
NightFright. And this error encountered with this map only.
Ok which one "bugfixed" progs.dat can be considered the most "correct"?
In my opinion, this question was not raised at all in Quake community or not? Of course for maps creation original progs.dat is obligatory. 
Doesn't work well lately with my custom progs.dat files. This isn't due to flaws in the code, but changes introduced in the port.

In particular, it's the fix for trigger_hurt that's causing trouble. I am considering to remove it again since it's only relevant in multiplayer. 
DL Didn't Work For Me 
so I navigated there and snagged v2

Great old skool vibes with this one. Really enjoyed my time with it - found 10 secrets, but a few of those were after completion, poking around, and I quad jumped to a pent so... maybe not the proper procedures. Some of the secrets are overly rewarding (armory!) but that being said, it would be pretty tight without finding any.

Lots of good gameplay moments and cool well thought out monster placement etc.
Congrats on the release! 
Added Version 2 Download To The OP 
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