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Q1SP: Blood Colored Rust
Medium/small-sized base level, created using RMQ RedTech wad. Supports Normal and Hard difficulty, skill selection built in. Requires Quoth. My first Quake release, looking for feedback!

Map source is included.


Very Nice 
I liked the atmosphere, the clever use of transparency (the lights were lovely). Very good detail. Monsters and weapons are well balanced. I was playing normal skill. I never died, but was often tense. Very nice map.

Sorry, without demo 
Looks Nice And Atmospheric In The Shots. 
Q3A Mapper Detected 
Am I right? 
Congratulations On The Release 
Disclaimer: I haven't actually gotten round to playing this final version yet (it's not something I want to rush through; I'd rather savour the experience), but based on the beta I played a while back, this is well worth a download. Usually I'd wait to comment until I've actually played the final version too, but this thread deserves more than just three comments! 
Nope. HL2 mapper actually :D What gives you Q3 vibes? 
Really Great Level 
Played the map nearing the end of this Twitch VOD
Had a few words during and near the end, the visuals are absolutely fantastic and the gameplay is tight and franetic. Sometimes it felt like I didn't have enough ammo for what was being thrown at me, but I have a feeling I forgot a Grenade Launcher somewhere. 
Thanks For Playing! 
Yeah, some ammo boxes are placed just outside of the main path: the ones you missed where in the monster closet at first fiend you encounter (big boxes of shells and nails, and a health pack as well - just enough to get through GK door). So the map does really punish you for just running in a straight line holding LMB, altho this is exactly what it suggest most of the time - so that's completely my fault. 
Top notch map! Thank you! 
Hope I'm not too late.

As far as debut releases go, this one is really quite good. A Quoth map using RMQ textures is not something I'd expect ever (let alone in 2020), so this was pretty interesting to see.

I enjoyed the gameplay, though it was probably harder than it needed to be by hiding both the first armor and the GL in secrets. (I didn't even find the former.) I was lucky to get the final wave of monsters at the end to infight with the Ogres, otherwise I imagine there would be a lot more trouble.

The layout was quite fun to get through (especially liked the bridge part), nice interconnectivity throughout.

And like everybody said, great job on the visual front. 
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