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Q1SP: A Verdant Dawn
My first standalone map, inspired by E1M3.
A large green swampy map with 29 secrets.



This map uses id1 BTW. 
Awesome Map 
Really really fun, though maybe a little easy. I found 20/29 secrets. Layout, visuals, combat, pacing and secrets are all excellent (I especially love the sense of scale and the variety in the environments, within that very green theme).

Loads of health and armour though, so I never really felt endangered, even on hard. I'll definitely have to replay this one and see if I can find the last 9 secrets; maybe I'll do it on nightmare with Copper.

Great job on this map, zigi. 
What h4724 said. Might add that I like that a lot of secrets were rather easy to find. There's a tendency to make secrets really hard to find, which just makes you feel stupid. In particular I liked the ones you reached via the rooftops.

Anyway, excellent map, but perhaps a little bit easy as h4724 said. I played on normal as always when I first play a new map. Thanks for the release! 
Sure it might have been on the easy side the but map itself more than makes up for that! I only found 15 secrets but that's okay. It just means a have a good reason to go back and play it again. I feel like this one could have benefited from being an Arcane Dimensions map tho. 
Very Nice Map 
I liked the map a lot. On easy was very easy, that's a big plus for me, a lot of maps tend to be quite hard even on easy.

I get it, it's meant for hardcore players who still play Quake after more than 25 years. But we have 4 levels (easy, normal, hard and nightmare). Make it brutal on nightmare, almost impossible, it's fine. Make it very hard on hard, it's ok. But we have EASY, make it easy. And you did it, congrats on that.

Then there's the architecture. It's awesome. It's polished, with nice details, but still has that old Quake feeling.

Then the secrets. 29! That's a lot of secrets for a map of it's size. The only problem is that some are easy, way too easy. Placing an item in plane sight in a box or somewhere where you can reach jumping on a nearby smaller box is hardly a secret area. But everything else is almost perfect. 
So I replayed the map on nightmare and it was a completely different beast and made some fights really fun. It almost seems like it was made to be played on nightmare, but I do of course appreciate the lower difficulty settings as well. Still a bunch of secrets to find so I'll definitely replay it. Certainly one of my favorite maps so far this year. 
Nice Map, Man! 
Great Job On This. 
Skill 3
70 mins
27/29 Secrets

I agree with some secrets being not so secret, loved the sheer number. Good gameplay, suitably punishing on NM. Some ambushes are a bit repetitive, though, could be fine tuned.
Great architecture and sense of place.

Good one. 
Also, Buggy Elevator... in the final huge one leading to the last fight. Somehow it crushes you a little bit about half way up, no matter where you stand. 
Thanks For The Feedback 
About the easy secrets, some players are quite bad at finding them so I thought that having some really easy ones would keep them motivated. Cause playing 40mins and ending up finding 0 secrets wouldnt be fun either. So sorry about those! :)

RaverX: yeah I tried to make easy even easier so glad I succeeded on that!

arkngt : glad you found a skill level that fits! :)

the silent : I noticed that when testing it, thought I fixed it cause I played it at least 30 times after the fix, with Quakespasm and Spiked and didnt have the bug anymore. When it happened during testing I played with normal Quakespasm. Plus none of my playtesters had that, and I even asked them if there was a problem with it. Sorry about that!

Mars : thanks for the video.

But, a lot of positive feedback so thanks for that. It means a lot! - Cheers ;) 
There's a standard elevator-hurts-you physics issue that can happen when you try to raise your FPS cap beyond 72 in an engine that doesn't really support doing that.

Quakespasm can suffer from this. If this is in fact the problem and you want to raise your framerate then use something like vkQuake, QSS, or FTE. 
Joel B 
Didnt know that, thanks for the info! 
Great Map 
Hiding obvious secrets will makes this map perfect.
Love the RA secret on attic! 
I Loved It! 
Huge maps with swampy environment have a special place in my heart, and this map is right up there with Foggy Bogbottom and others with that level of quality.

The fact that it's id1 makes it even more special to me, I don't know if it's just me but vanilla quake has such an opressive atmosphere that you can't really compete on that regard.

Anyway, I loved the big number of secrets and even the easy secrets are satisfying to find and adds to the perception that this is a real place with more stuff going on than it seems. So great job on that!

Keep up the good work!

Cheers :) 
Nicely Done 
A very well made first release, everything shows quality. Layout, brushwork, texturing, lighting, all top notch. While its linear and fairly easy even on hard, that doesn't take away that its 30+ minutes of old school Quake action.

First run demo, hard skill: 
zigi is featured on the latest Quakecast where we discuss "A Verdant Dawn" and much more: 
BTW, forgot to mention Immorpher's music, which is as good as it is in Realm of the Lost. Just brilliant. 
run-1, skill-2, engine-qss

Finished it but the demo is incomplete as i kms (first time playing in months). Really impressive for a first release.. great layout and flow, nice details, good use of all monsters and weapons and most importantly, it was fun.

fps was pretty shit due to being so open(?) and the courtyard could've used some clipping to smooth out the detailed brushwork, but those are minor gripes.

Thanks for releasing and including the map, I hope to see more from you. 
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