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Dwell - Episode 1 Released!
Announcing Dwell, a brand new four episode mod project that is currently under construction.
Episode 1 is available now, with the others coming soon!


- Four Episodes featuring varied and unique themes.
- 4 custom bosses, one for each episode.
- Brand new monsters to face, including many returning from other Quake worlds.
- New weapons to hunt down and utilize.
- Complete custom soundtrack by Alekswithak.
- Support for up to 4 player co-op.
- Episodic release - Get it while it's hot!

Download and Screenshots

Fairweather - Project Lead, Level Design
Alekswithak - Lead Composer
Khreathor - QuakeC, 3D Models
Danz - 3D Models, Sounds, Textures
Markie Music - Level Design, Sounds, Music, Textures
JCR - Level Design, Sounds
Greenwood - Level Design, Textures
Maksim "VoidForce" Maksimov - Level Design, Textures
Henry "h4724" Ambrose - Level Design
PoolboyQ - Level Design
Pinchy - Level Design
Mazu - Level Design
I Have Dreamt 
of a project like this. The screenshots look nice, it looks like a lot of effort went into the levels. Good luck with finishing the other episodes!

Hope I find the time to check this out soon. Fingers crossed it works with Mark V. 
Played only first map, it gave off some Unreal vibes like at the beginning where you escape from the prison ship.

Also I have a feeling this is based on Copper or has certain traits of it (Ogre drops 1 rocket, Enforcer is firing like turret and doesn't drop anything, etc...), but I haven't seen anything mentioned about it in README_dwell1.txt 
In Quakespasm-Spiked I see that issue which also plagues Copper a bit, where sometimes you'll see a spawning-in monster (I guess?) flicker/zip quickly across the map to get to its start location. 
Anyway, just able to peek into the first map quickly at the moment. Already a big fan of the new music and sounds! 
#1, it's tested and is compatible with MarkV! Have fun :)
#2, I've included some stuff about the Copper mod in the Quaddicted forum post, and I'll be updating the readme later today to expand thanks / talk about Copper and it's changes.
#3 Ah, yes. This seems to be a problem we can't really solve very easily.. it's on the tracker for episode 2 / a patch of some kind!
#4 Cheers Joel! :) Aleks really hit it out of the park with the new music, and those menu sounds are to die for. 
lately, quake level design is reaching new levels.


some minors error messages in the console, but I'm using 0.92.2 ADMOD 
this is a mod, so trying to use a different mod with it will probably break things 
These maps have enemies and items that ADMOD doesn't have... so of course you'll have error messages in the console, everything that makes this mod unique isn't loading. 
Played It To Completion 
Didn't know that this was in the works. I've been cleaning up my Quake backlog for the last two weeks and this showed up in Quaddicted today. Awesome job. The build quality varies from map to map due to each one being handled by a different author yet theme handling / overall experience feels consistent throughout. I especially liked the fact that it gradually gets otherworldy along the way. Soundtrack is great too. And cheers for the Copper base. Hope this project will reach completion.

Here is a gig worth of first run demos 7-zipped down to 40 megs. 
Demos are recorded under QS 0.93.2, protocol 666. 
Played Only Thru Four Maps 
as usual on skill 2 and it damn hard! I enjoying it. On map d1m2 (Duet with Duat by Greenwood) after the offer to take a serious swim, I got scared, waiting for the Serious Boss to appear, but everything turned out well.
d1m3 (Under a Funeral Moon by VoidForce) seemed to has most real Egyptian look among all Quake maps.
Modified VF_* textures are incredible.
Both maps are so serious ;)
Secrets! Secrets so hard to find and it motivate to replay this game again (an again :)
Keep it up guys! 
Patch 1! 
Patch 1 has been released, including updating Pinchy's map to the release version, which stupid me forgot to update in the main folder. My apologies to Pinchy! 
Great Stuff 
I played through 3 maps last night. It looks, plays and sounds super impressive. I particularly appreciate the soundtrack. Most Quake maps lack their own OST so it's refreshing to hear something different.

I love the lighting too. It really creates a sense of 'place'. My eyes appreciate it.

BTW: I just tried to DL the patch but I get a 502. :( 
Quaddicted is down for maintenance at the moment. Should be back in a couple of hours. 
502 Error Too 
And why that compression format? It's ackward. 
Are You Serious? 
It's a 7z file, it's 2020, it isn't awkward. 7-Zip has been around for two decades. 
Either Way 
It's a .zip now for the time being, but yes.. .7z files are almost as old as I am. 
From my observations, this is not a Copper issue but a Quakespasm Spiked issue. There is a similar effect with the Shambler's lightning attack point of origin sliding all over the place. You can easily see it in a dark, high contrast environment like dropping down the fake pool in e4m2. Quakespasm doesn't do this, which is why I'm staying pat. 
Not a fan of distros using 7z. How much compression do you gain really?

Convince me. I sometimes have an open mind.

It's like using a docx as opposed to a pdf! 
About 20% extra than zip. Either way, the point is null now because we're not even using it anymore! :D

Also yes, the issue is with Quakespasm Spiked, not Copper. If it works perfectly in all other engines, and then has problems only in a very specific engine.. that's on them to fix :) Fixing it in progs would only cause more minor problems for other engines, so I'd rather keep it there to save the strife. 
9 Demos in QS 0.93.2.

Visuals look slick with some modern designs, mixed with old school 90s abstraction.

Gameplay is highly difficult, playing on normal, with some quiet exploration provided on some of the maps.

It was great to see the return of a certain Rogue enemy. Although I was hurling obscenities at the screen for these invisible wind walls that seal of the arena (fog walls anyone?)

The secret map (JCR?) was a real treat. 
Bug Report - D1M4 
Saving the game (quicksave or regular) at the beginning of D1M4 crashes my engine. This does not happen for the previous maps, and I haven't tried the other ones yet.

Some more info: I'm running QuakeSpasm 0.93.1 on Debian 10.6, and the actual error is:

Saving game to /home/myusername/.quakespasm/dwellv1/s0.sav...
*** buffer overflow detected ***: /usr/lib/quake/quake-engine terminated

Let me know if I can provide any other useful information.

Oh, and I also noticed when loading d1m4 that a sound file is missing (it's not a case issue, it is simply not there):

Couldn't load sound/sound/lain/darkchoir.wav 
Thanks for the report. Not sure about the saving issue, but it looks like it's something to do with Debian. Could you please try playing the game through QuakeSpasm Spiked for me?
I tried it on Arch and it's fine. 
Install Gentoo 
#22 And #23 
I have the same issue on Quakespasm 0.93/Linux Mint 19. It doesn't happen on MarkV. 
Good Call Fw 
Fortunately QuakeSpasm Spiked 0.93.2 saves games without any problem. 
Load Bug 
Seems to be a problem with the /branger/b in my file name. I'll patch this along with the JCR softlock and other minor issues in Patch 2 in a week or so. 
Oh, sweet. I'm grateful that works! I tested w/ Arch and Deb in QSS but not QS, next time I'll check against those versions as I didn't know filenames could have this issue outside of new lines. 
Hell Of A Ride 
Great work by everyone! Really fantastic brushwork in each map, gives you a sense of progression from travelling to an egyptian tomb to some place of eldritch evil. The soundtrack was good too, really set the mood.

The final boss however I felt was too much. 30+ enemies attacking you at once, I had to cheat my way to victory sadly. Everything else, excellent.

First run playthrough, hard skill: 
Perfect Secret Map! 
So many plases to exploration and discovering secrets. Always expected to find Jump Bots. Usless but lovely gear. Thanks, JCR!
477 monster on Mazu's map, half of them on final arena! Shure, You crazy:) I newer quicksaving so often before this map. Even playing warps map - most hard map ever! I'm afraid to even suggest what we are waiting for in end.bsp I hope it will be Mazu's map too.
Thanks to the whole Team of project. 
So I was going to complain about how hard it is access nightmare difficulty, but after playing through the last map on hard I'm kind of glad that I didn't succeed. In fact, after dying during the boss fight I decided to start over on normal.

I think it is an uneven episode, but the highlights are so good that it doesn't matter so much. During my second play through I found JCR's secret level and it was a weird delight. Constantly surprising and unlike any other Quake map I've played. Which says a lot after +20 years of maps.

Markie's map is astonishingly beautiful and everything gels together in it. Perfect music, Zerstorer like gibbage, cool sound effects.

I found Mazu's map to be quite frustrating, at least on hard difficulty. It felt more like a chore than fun. I ended up quick saving after just about every kill. And I ended up hating Scrags as well. We'll see if I find it to be more fun on normal.

Anyway, congrats on the release, it's an excellent episode on the whole. 
Thanks Y'all 
I'm glad this is satisfying people's thirsts for episodic content! The reception has been so good, especially outside of the typical Quake community.
Our goal here was to have a tougher, more long-life sort of project that people could always find something new or interesting in. After 25 years, Quake has definitely stagnated in difficulty for a lot of us.. so we're trying to move that forward.

Btw Arkngt, the nightmare secret is exceedingly easy now.. the tunnel was supposed to (and in RC versions it did) move 100% faster. This is why we locked off nightmare like that, so people who weren't cut out or wouldn't be comfortable with the level of difficulty wouldn't fuck themselves over :P 
BUG On D1M5 - "That Which Can Eternal Lie" By Henry 
There are 2 silver keys to the two silver doors on this map. Both doors can be opened with either key, but the sequence matters. Otherwise you won't finish the level!

If you do rocket jump in order to get silver key in small room with one ogre and use this key on door to the left side (big and high room with winding stairs), the door will be open, but not barriers! The map cannot be completed at the moment.

The only correct order is:
1) Push the button on the floor after horde of zombies and spikes. It will open barriers to "abyss" room with silver key.
2) Open silver door up the stairs, not on the first floor! Only then barriers and door will be open at the same time.

I hope this issue can be fixed next patch.

Anyway, it's a great map, like the entire episode. Thank you very much to all the authors of this release. You are great. 
Sorry, there are 3 silver keys and 3 silver doors not 2, but the bug with sequence is still exist. 
#33 And Secret Accident D1M5 
#33, I mean grenade jump, not rocket. I didn't have rocket at that moment.

I noticed a very interesting detail on this map. The hub shows 6 secrets total, but I found 7th by accident and now hub shows 7/7, not 6/6 like before. I didn't know it is possible in Quake or maybe it is another bug of count. 
Your explanation is confusing. The map can be done in any order that doesn't include grenade jumping up to the key to break the sequence, that's the only bug that exists currently.
The secret "bug" is a feature in Copper, "Super-secret" areas only show on the counter when triggered, thus increasing the count. This also happens on many maps, including D1M4. 
My explanation can be confusing, because my English is not native language, sorry.

You are right, the map can be done in any order. I did grenade jumping, because it was natural way for me, especially if the key is so close to my eyes. If you are player with logic like mine, this leads you to failure on maps like this. I agree that grenade jumping is kind of cheating, but after these all years playing Quake, it become regular for more experienced players I think. Such tricks shouldn't be required to complete a level, because beginners don't have to know about these, so this map is 100% correct of course ;) Is grenade jumping a bad habit?

Maybe different keys and doors in different colors would brighten this problem for both players and level designers.

I didn't know about "Super-secret" in Cooper and of course it is not a bug, but for me it is confusing. I want to have more fun on good maps like this, so I do secret's hunt in order to extend a pleasure time and I would like to know when I can stop my hunting ;)

These all are only my personal thoughts. I know your works are all free, so please do not think I complain. I really enjoy "Dwell" and again thank you all very much :) 
You're right to point this out. Grenade jumping of course was not one of the main paths to complete the level, but I had considered it as a possibility and assumed that it would not break anything because of the way I had things set up. Turns out it does break the map after all. This will be fixed in the next version. 
Grenade Jump Was Legalized By Id Softvare 
long time ago on map e4m4
So, rocket and grenade jumpers rights are matter ;)
Due to GJ incredible Bin Dunne Gorne 2 can be completed with only One key on each map, but it not crashes level logic anyway. 
HD textures were not legalized anywhere. 
I mean HD textures like counterfeit, such a pale copy of masterpies, created by artist. But some people likes it. What's bad about it? And yet one: what cost HD textures, created by various autors, and me, of course, without many maps, created talented people for years? Nothing! And I am calm. Everyone on this communuty loves this Game, and they just show it for whole world how strong his love. 
”Btw Arkngt, the nightmare secret is exceedingly easy now..”

Haha, well, normal was fine for the first playthrough. The boss fight was insane, in a good way. Even more so than Mazu's end fight in Realm of the Lost, which I also love.

Next playthrough will be on hard. 
Mazu's Map In Hard Mode... 
... is crazy. No need to compete with the ending of ARWOP, you know.

Seeing as I only found 6/24 secrets (I usually don't look too hard on the first run), however, I suspect there are easier ways to finish this.

Thanks to everyone involved for this great episode. I can't wait for the sequel. 
Mod Crashing QSS 
I tried the mod with QS Spike, and got an app crash while playing map d1m4.

Also, got a semi-crash to the console after selecting the hard difficulty : The first map didn't loaded and returned to the console instead.

I also noticed a weird monster motion when they first appear in front of me, like some kind of laggy teleportation or something. I never saw this before with any other mod.

Here' my settings on app launch :

-game dwell +skill 3 -heapsize 480000 -zone 4096 -sndspeed 44100 -fsaa 2 
What OS? There's a known issue with loading D1M4 with Debian-based Linux systems which will be fixed in a few hours as Patch2 is rolling out.

I'm not sure what all of those extra commands are, you definitely don't need them to play Dwell, as QSS was the main development target engine and runs perfectly on 64bit Windows machines, MacOS and Arch with default settings. 
Also #44 
Yes, the teleportation bug is something to do with how Copper does things. Again, there should be a fix going out in patch2. 
Just finished the episode on hard and, yeah, the boss battle was even more insane than on normal. Took several tries and at one time I killed the boss and happily stopped in my tracks - just to get obliterated by his last missile.

Anyway, I appreciate the effort that has gone into the different difficulties. It's not just the amount of enemies, but power ups and even how some of the traps are set up. 
Amazing Work! 
Not done with my playthrough yet- savoring this one a level or two at a time.

Playing on normal, and it's a great mix of challenges in each level so far. Just got through 'Under a Funeral Moon', and there's this stairs encounter that is setup so well (toward the end, iirc). Makes you climb all the way to the top of the stairs to keep up with the placed and spawning monsters. I thought that was genius encounter design there. Puts you in an urgent situation, but rewards methodical movement and careful progression. I felt the previous rooms prepared me to handle it as well. Kind of a building momentum.

That's just one bit of several amazing moments thus far. Looking forward to continuing on. May post again when I'm done. 
Unable To Complete D1M7. 
I collected both keys, but cannot find anything to open.
Looking at a walkthorugh I found that there's a blue scarab in the tower, but when I get there, I only have a MegaHealth. Playing on Quakespasm 0.93.0. +sv_protocol999 -heapsize 262144. Skill 3.

What gives?
Did I do something wrong? 
You did. I posted a hint in the Quaddicted thread. 
Patch 2 Is Here! 
Hey y'all, what will probably be the (hopefully) final patch for Episode 1 is here! This fixes all bugs that have been reported to us.
The fix for lerping monsters in QSS is in the newest dev build of the engine, which you can find here.
In this build, we're also pushing a prepackaged version of the mod, including the latest version of Quakespasm Spiked and the mod, just add Id1 and hit that batch file!

- Fixed minor texture issues.
- Improved Nightmare door sequence.
- Nothing else :)

- Fixed entrance message not triggering.
- Fixed a major crash on Debian-based Linux systems.
- Modified out-of-water trap encounter.
- Fixed a minor softlock.
- Small texture alignment fixes.
- Fixed the exit sound not playing upon approach.
- Most Ogre perches are now accessible.

- Fixed some texture issues.
- Fixed a softlock that occurs if you grenade jump to get a key early.
- Added a "Reward" for doing so.
- Modified Rocket Launcher Secret to no longer be unmarked.

- Improved Clipping.
- SNG Shamblers koolaid instantly.

- Added a little helping hand to Wave 4.

- Fixed a softlock in a secret area.
- Improved Boss Fight. 
Stuck On Secret Map P2 
d1m9 Patch2 has a bug(?) While I'm proceed, and do not touch the LG, there is no way to get out from GK room, ogres on opposite wall did not appearing too. Or it is by design?
The only first variant of map has the same thing. Second ver. (from P1) I do not have already. 
Played on skill 1. Pretty awesome pack, especially the final couple of maps, but the episode overall is remarkably consistent. I really like that Copper is becoming the next big "mapper's mod." The more I play levels with/for it the more I appreciate the subtle ways its tweaks Quake's basic gameplay.

I didn't find it too hard but I'm the sort of person who enjoys Tronyn maps. I'd have to replay them to be sure, but I feel like the final fight was easier than certain Tronyn battles due to the respawning ammo and armor. (I'm not sure how I feel about the trend of respawning supplies, since it tends to devalue secrets, though there is an argument that it encourages more complex movements than "mere circle strafing" since you have to adjust your route to coincide with spawn points—there's a slaughtermap concept for you.)

On the other hand I made a pretty poor showing with finding secrets except on a couple maps. Any hint on what level to look for the secret map? 
#53,54 #52 
Played on skill 1. Pretty awesome pack, especially the final couple of maps, but the episode overall is remarkably consistent.
Thanks a lot, I was blown away by the level of consistency myself honestly. My favorite has to be D1M2 though, so many Quads!

I really like that Copper is becoming the next big "mapper's mod."
I agree, it's also got a very well commented and clean codebase so it's perfect to build a large project like this off of, Lun deserves a lot of praise for that.

I didn't find it too hard but I'm the sort of person who enjoys Tronyn maps. I'd have to replay them to be sure, but I feel like the final fight was easier than certain Tronyn battles due to the respawning ammo and armor. (I'm not sure how I feel about the trend of respawning supplies...)
I sort of agree with the final fight, but there's something to be said about having to manage your resources closer like that. I just wish there were more "Oh shit!" moments like the final Shambler / ect where you really have to pump some LG to take minimal damage.
If it was me, a good 15 or so vores would have spawned.. or something on the same level of stupid :D

On the other hand I made a pretty poor showing with finding secrets except on a couple maps. Any hint on what level to look for the secret map?
The order of the screenshots on Quaddicted is a good hint :) It's a multi-part russian nesting doll secret too. Enjoy.

d1m9 Patch2 has a bug(?) While I'm proceed, and do not touch the LG, there is no way to get out from GK room, ogres on opposite wall did not appearing too. Or it is by design?
Yep, this looks like a bug. Unless we have larger updates needed it looks like that one'll be staying in until Episode 2 hits, unfortunate to say. 
Sorry if this was already mentioned or asked somewhere, but will the other episodes be released separately like a 'standalone' mods/folders (dwell2, etc) or will there be a complete release?

Also, will the other episodes be released one by one? Judging by "until Episode 2 hits", seems like they will be released one by one when they are ready. 
will the other episodes be released separately like a 'standalone' mods/folders (dwell2, etc) or will there be a complete release?
There will be a complete release, packaged with Episodes 1 and 2, then 3/4.

Also, will the other episodes be released one by one?
Final bit of the Overview at the top of the page should have you covered :) 
After finishing the entire episode, here are my 5 cents:

+ Level design is amazing. Best Egyptian architecture I have seen in Quake since a while
+ Items are (often) respawning, so you shouldn't run out of ammo/powerups
+ Copper changes blend in just fine
+ Secret level lives up to expectations (if you find it)
+ Impressive boss battle

- Very hard, even on Easy (think Plutonia)
- Later levels are complex and difficult to navigate --> you can get physically exhausted (D1M7-D1M9 are for masochists)
- It's often dark, making it challenging to play during daytime
- Secrets are hard to find (e.g. secret exit)

So bottom line: The first 3 or 4 maps were just a delight (D1M2 especially - beautiful lighting, reminded me of Serious Sam), then it got too hard for me, not just regarding monster amounts/placement, but also level complexity. I prefer smaller maps, but I guess this episode isn't meant to be played in one sitting. Eventually you reach a point when you just want to get things over with - that's the time to take a break. I am definitely digging the Egyptian setting which is well executed and blends in with the early Rogue maps from DoE, just much nicer and longer. Also I didn't have any crashes with QSS.

It's still absolutely worth playing this, however I would have wished for more lenient/forgiving gameplay on the lower difficulties. 
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