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Q2SP: Reservoir Stroggs
Reservoir Stroggs, my latest singleplayer map for Quake 2, is hereby RELEASED! :3

It has the highest number of Stroggs in a map I have made, and is perhaps rather balls-to-the-walls.

You can load it down from here: (2.0mb)

Screenshots shall hereby reside in this provided Twitteur-poste:
From the screenshots, looks pretty solid execution of the quake2 style.

The name is familiar: 
It's The Singleplayer Reboot 
On DM and one SP, and in the darkness combine them. 
Since you never responded to my longer feedback, I'll keep it short this time: great map, nice interconnectivity, lots of fun! 
Great Map. 
Had a fun time, but really couldn't stand the navigation. Not enough landmarks and too any blind button presses that didn't visibly do much. I ended up stumbling around for 10ish minutes trying to find what to do after the powerpack things.. but it was nice regardless. Maybe it could have used better landmarks or just a bit more variation in enviroments. The underwater aesthetic was really cool then it just sorta ended abruptly. Then it was just a massively interconnect strogg base, enough to make me dizzy. 
Good Stuff. 
Haven't played Q2 for a while but it's still fun!

This was a nice map, very proper Q2 feel. I liked the maze-like interconnectivity, the classic Strogg architecture, and in particular the rooms with caves and sky showing, which were a nice touch. Actually the ceilings in general were invariably good and nicely detailed. Gameplay balance was good and fun for the most part, I like the plentiful ammo but scarce health.

A few issues: The start was harder than the end and it was easier to die in the first room than it was in most of the map (especially if you save the Quad). The final room was a bit underwhelming and it would have been nice to have the exit somewhere more special and imposing, rather than tucked away in the corner. And slightly better signposting would have helped overall. 
I had no problems with navigation. The room with the doors for the two power cube sockets looked special enough and both doors were marked with large Strogg glyphs. Only part were I was briefly confused was when I had to find that room with the second power cube, it became accessible after the forcefields deactivated for some reason. 
What Shambler said. And also a bit what fw said, as I did find it a bit confusing at times.

I really liked the sense of humour in it, especially one secret with several secret walls and the ending, which was hilarious.

I was annoyed by lack of ammo at one point, but just then I found the Railgun, so it actually proved to be a nice moment as I almost had tears in my eyes when picking it up. 
Video. with chilled commentary and map analysis. 
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