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Q1SP - Another Base
After 24 years I finally accomplished my dream of making a Quake map. This is a small to medium map loosely inspired by id's base maps. Normal and Hard skills are implemented. Many thanks to dumptruck_ds and the Quake Mapping Discord, without whom this would not have been possible. Source is included.


Forgot to mention that this uses id1. 
Looks like progs_dump to me. 
Sorry, id1 textures, but yes it uses progs_dump. 
Played it - was a lot of fun... please keep making maps! And thanks for using the devkit. That's two pd_ projects I've played this week. :)

I'm sure you'll get more specific feedback from others but it's a good first map. 
Thank you! Progs_dump triggered spawn was super helpful, I couldn't imagine not using that in the future. Such a time saver. 
Pretty good for a first release. Tidy design, smooth progression (with a twist of its own). It escalated a little bit quick for my tastes and felt a bit on the easier side. Though considering this was done to id standards, well, these are to be expected. Congrats, hope to see more from you.

Here is my first run demo recorded under QS 0.93.2, protocol 666. 
Nice ...but Why So Dark? 
I rather enjoyed this, but what made matters the most difficult was the almost total lack of lighting in some areas. I understand setting the mood, but I had to crank up my game settings just to see things!

Either than that, I thought it was cool. It has some good setups, some "gotcha" moments, & it's well put together. Nice debut! 
I think my monitor must be brighter than others :) only 2 rooms were intentionally dark: the room where the lights go out and the exit hallway. The lower portion was meant to be a little on the darker side. I'll definitely being paying special attention to lighting on my next map. 
I enjoyed this map quite a bit, great work considering this is your first map. It really cranks up the encounter intensity in the second half. I didn't have a problem with the lighting besides that one room after the nailgun arena. Nice work! 
I'm not a big fan of the first part of the map (the base part). Anyway the rest of the map, the second "green" part is really nice and the brushwork and lighting is good looking. About the gameplay :
I played in skill 1, playthrough here
It was good for me. Never anoying, the fights where good enough.

I hope you are dreaming about a new map after this one :D 
Dream Come True 
After 24 years I'd say your dream is a success. I like the sudden transition from a military base to a dark underground metal fortress. A bit rough around the edges but overall a very satisfying first map! Well done.

First run, hard skill: 
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