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Arcane Dimensions 1.80
AD 1.8 was released yesterday. It's a little buggy but Simon said he plans on a patch today.

Lots of changes and refinements from the last release. The most interesting for me is custom HUD's. Something not really seen in other Quake mods.

UPDATE: new links from sock:


Downloads (v1.80 p1 final):
Sock -
EU (bal) -
Moddb -
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Mark V Compatibility 
I guess it won't fully work with Mark V since it hasn't been updated to remove more limits. Gotta push Baker, provided he responds. 
I'm so grateful to sock, Bal, Pulsar and the rest of the team for putting all this together. Both new maps are incredible, and I can't wait to revisit the ones that have just been made official. If there were a donation button somewhere for the team I'd gladly hit it a few times. 
I did a 'fresh' install, seeing as mod now has .PAK files. Using QS (non-Spiked)0.93.2, when trying to access additional hub (ad_chapters), I get this error:

Host_Error: Mod_LoadModel: maps/bmodels/sep_chain2.bsp not found

Just tried it in QSS and it loads the map fine, just displays that as a warning.

There's apparently some bugs and patch is going to be released 
here's a trailer for Bal's map: 
@gila, yes, it's a known bug. You can get around it while waiting for a proper patch by copying the maps/bmodels folder from the 1.7 version to the same place in the 1.8 version (i.e. you have to create a maps folder and put it there).

Amazing update. I'm checking every crepice in Bal's wondrous map and have 15/17 secrets, but still 2 to go. 
Also, vkQuake crashes when trying to load a save while in game. The saves load fine when restarting. Switching to QS for now. 
Bal's Map. 
Definitely a new Marcher for a new generation. 
The Patch 1 Is Out 
How To Reinstall The Maps Addons? 
Well, I don't understand this update. There's no maps, gfx, etc folders. I have severals maps made for AD by other mappers, mixed with the old 1.7 AD maps and other ressources. How should I reinstall them all back into the new version of AD? 
You should install AD 1.8 in a clean folder. And if you want to run older custom AD maps you should reinstall them into the AD 1.8 folder. All previous official AD maps are already included in AD 1.8 (inside package files). 
Cool! A quick bug report from when I was first starting it up to poke at it this evening:

Running the patched version with QSS (latest master branch as of right now), I was curious if there were other HUD layout options so after I loaded ad_akalakha I tried pressing H to cycle HUDs. That just generated a message saying "custom HUDs not supported". Also pressing TAB didn't do anything (like show monster count).

I made a save, quit out, then restarted and loaded the savegame. I tried changing scratch1 manually to different values and that did change the HUD.

And now pressing H works to cycle HUDs, and TAB works. 
Thanks for making a topic here! We we're pretty swamped getting first patch up to fix the biggest issues, and wanted to only post to Func once it was done.

Apart from the new maps, the new version is also a lot of new code and features, so there will probably still be some bugs to track down.

Joel B, yeah I've read reports of similar issues. One thing to note is that some of the Dev builds of QSS aren't so reliable for these new features, we recommend using the latest official one, which Sock has mirrored here. 
I Jumped The Gun 
I was just so excited I couldn't help but share. I don't want to 'fanboy' too much but AD along with QSS really is the new Quake game I've yearned after for years. A new release is like Halloween's come early! 
Tears Of The False God 
This is an incredible map. Certainly the most beautiful Q1 map I've ever seen, and man, what a journey. The last battle (not that one, the true one ... :)) gives the word epic a new meaning. I still need to find four secrets, but I think I've unearthed the most important ones.

Thank you so much Bal, and good luck topping that. (you or anyone else for that matter).

(Oh, any chance we get to see more of the City of Pale eventually?) 
#10 Pulsar (and Others) 
Ok, I understand that I'll have to put back lots of other maps and ressources made for AD, but there are tons of them! What should be the best process of reinstalling them into AD 1.80, without dupplicating some old AD ressources?

Many of these custom maps are using special ressources (like custom skybox, sounds, music, etc), and it's now a freaking pain in the arse to locate them all. Any idea about the best way of doing this? 
Just leave them where they are at, they haven't stopped working.

Install AD 1.8 fresh and place any new AD(1.8) content going forward into the new installation.

Problem solved. And not a freakin' pain in the arse, as you stated it ;) 
Program Error With QSS (Mac OS)! 
The Mod doesn't start!

I installed a fresh copy of AD 1.80, without any addons at all, and launched QS (Spiked, MacOS version). When I select the AD 1.80 mod from the menu, the console says "program error". And I'm unable to launch any map from the mod.

The mod works with the QS version (not the Spiked one).

So AD 1.80 needs a fix for the QSS MacOS, or QSS MacOS needs a fix. AFAIK, I have the latest QSS available for MacOS. 
Gug, Ever? 
They added even more knight enemies, so it'd be nice to have something beastial to balance that out someday. I always liked the gug from Quoth, but the AD guys don't seem to :( 
No Gugs 
Never learned how to properly the Gug, or never bothered. A ridiculous hard to avoid attack that devastates at close range, duplicates itself at medium range, and at long range the monster can just arbitrarily hurt you even when line of sight is broken.

Thanks for the update, I'll check out the new maps when I finish with the Ter Shibboleth update. Having jump boots and a grappling hook in AD sounds sweet. 
My Oh My, Oh My... Like A Wise Man Once Said... 
...Bal, I want to do rude things to your penis.
This may be the most spectacular, good looking, best playing map evah!

This is so much off the scale on so many overewhelmingly good.

Thank you!

(slight bug, sometimes reloading a quicksave kills you and the map starts over. Re-quickload fixes things)

[url=]1st run[/url] 
I notice that in 1.8 the Nailgun is swapped for the Super Nailgun once you got the later, much as the Thunderbolt is swapped to the Plasma Gun. Guess this is on purpose? Got to say that I sort of miss the Nailgun. 
Widowmaker Ever Going To Get Its Own Sound? 
I never liked that the Widowmaker reused their SSG firing sound, but poking around in the files, the Widowmaker has two totally separate firing noises, but relies on ssg2.wav, and they're really beefy and great. Would love to see hear them in-game without having to mod out the ssg2.wav.

@lpowell. They could definitely change him up, as they have the other Quoth enemies. But this many years into AD, I guess their sights just aren't on it. 
The Gug is perfect. Don't fuck with it! 
There's always Qmaster's keep mod 
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