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Q1SP: The Forgotten Nightmare
Hi! I'm Mars and here is my first single player Quake map - "The Forgotten Nightmare" (mars_e0m1).
Straight-forward, large-sized, mostly wizard-style map.
It uses progs_dump mod (breakables, custom sounds, etc).
Designed for the QuakeSpasm engine.
Hope you will enjoy it.


Nice Screenshots. 
I'll get back to you with a demo soon. 
Sections go on for awaaaay too long (that lava climb, seriously?)

600+ monsters is (imo) too too too much for Quake.
This is Quake, not Doom. If I wanted to play slaughter maps, I'd play Sunder.

I tapped out early with the cheats and still took me 21+ minutes.

On the plus side though, interesting architecture over all if a bit simple. 
Dude, You're A Sadic! 

This map is probably the most nightmarish I ever played.

The map is awesome. And 877 monsters ?!? WOOOOWEEEE ! Now THAT'S a rave party in Quake!

I love the architecture, the feel and the atmosphere. Freakingly out of this world!

My only complain is the tremble motion and earthquake sound which are way too frequent. It should occur randomly, with some silence here and there. It's annoying to play this difficult map with this constant noise. It's hard for the ears and eyes. 
Pretty Crazy 
Just in time for Mars in opposition.

It's late so I am playing on Skill 0 and so far so good. Some very clever uses of breakables and sound design. I'm digging it. But I have to sleep. More tomorrow. Congratulations on your first map release Mars. 
877 Monsters You Say? 
Downloading now. But first I need to finish exploring Tears of a False God. 
Instafav! Really action-packed map! 
Titanic effort! Some tough sections/secrets, and I saw a few places where monsters had problems with navigation, but overall a very nice and coherent map with awesome gameplay/mechanics. You used a lot of design restraint with things like texture selection and coloured lighting to keep it a classic experience, which I thought was admirable and not easy to pull off. I liked the exaggerated scale of some of the set pieces. Making my way up the first vertical shaft had me on the edge of my seat, very cool! I liked your attention to detail with the geo, it gave the caverns a real sense of place. The custom sounds were very nice, I have my audio set rather low but didn't notice any obtrusive or out of place sounds. The final outdoor arena was a bit unexpected but I did enjoy the grenade shower while making my way up top. Now I have to go back and find some more faces... 
Holy Moly 
Love this. It's challenging and interessting. Keep on mapping! 
Me Derping Around This Map On Skill 0 
Some short clips below for those who haven't played this yet. I'll go back and replay this as I only found one "face". Really impressed with the sound design and a good portion of the set pieces. It's a tough map and a bit rough around the edges but still very fun and it really leverages a lot of progs_dump features. 
Great Effort, Not For The Faint Of Heart 
The title is as fitting as they come. Some bits frustrated me to no end, but I enjoyed the challenge very much and the action was very rewarding. The shaking effect used throughout the map in Nightmare added to the overall tension and suited the atmosphere perfectly. I still need to find 3 faces, so I'll probably explore this again shortly.

Thanks a lot for this wonderful map, I look forward to your next offerings! 
About The Faces 
I'm still eager to find out what will happen when I've found all of them, and I love the idea of what must be a super secret, but I think they should be more visible (or you might want to use larger items). If that stone hadn't fallen after the sadistic ascent above that pool of lava, I wouldn't even have known to look for them. I managed to find one more, but completely by accident since it was in a very dark spot and I only got it thanks to a lost bullet. 
Yeah you need x-ray vision to find some of them, as well as some secrets (looking way high up). There are 6 faces in total, and what follows is a bit underwhelming. The chase was better than the catch. 
Great map. Cheers :) Made with Trenchbroom :)) 
Difficult And Rough 
First of all, amazing that this is the quality of a first map release. Despite having problems in gameplay, this map was enjoyable challenge to beat.

Most problems are already mentioned by other users here. Not being able to get NG early was really baffling thing for me. Broken staircase climb is insane without finding the secret quad for it. Some of the knight hordes are pointless(but fun!) gibbing. Some chokepoints are way too effective for the player. Lavaclimb is cool break from the action, but too long to be enjoyable. Map isn't vised if I'm not mistaken, correct me if I'm wrong.

The map works the best when you just let loose and go nuts against the horde fights. It can lead into some really cool action where you just delete hundreds of monsters in 1 minute. Visuals are really cool too in some locations. Congrats making a map that got me killed dozen times. We don't get enough challenging stuff.

Please keep making maps and fine tune them a bit more! Looking forward to more releases. 
Nice Start, Mars. 
This map, while suffering from some problems(a couple of areas at the start you have to noclip out or be trapped, too many seemingly climbable spots leading to nothing) is a great first effort.
Gave me the same feeling of malicious and inhospitable place as the original Quake did (and that's saying something).
Gameplay suffers from some choking points that make killing enemies a breeze, and the last arena can be almost finished staying on the floor level and restocking (played on normal, so far).
I agree that the faces puzzle needs some fine tuning(I only found 3 of them, also had one run through with fullbright on)and shuld definitely be hugely rewarding.
The lava ascent is, imo, the real center piece of this. Sure, you have to keep that quicksave at hand, but really gave me the above mentioned '96 feel. And shorter? Maybe, but not too much.

Congrats on a cool first! 
Thank You! 
Thank you all for playing my map (or at least trying), your kind words, commentary and critique! I really appreciate it. 
Not Enough Monsters 
Joking aside, this was one hectic map. The high monster count consists mostly of zombies, scrags and knights and you are given plenty of ammunition to wipe them out.

Visually this level has an oldschool vibe, with some nice looking areas and the occasional bland room with just a flat ceiling and such. Visually the final area looked best I think.

The gameplay is high octane grenade explosions and gibs, but then you put in this massive brick jumping segment filled with traps. I enjoy platforming every now and then, but that was a bit much.

If you were to cut down the monster count by two or even three hundred the map would still be an enjoyable slaughter mayhem. But for what it is, minus the climbing segment, its good with tons of action, and I enjoyed it. For a first map, you absolutely show promise!

First run, hard skill: 
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