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Alternate Quake Music Pack
Announcing the new Alternate Quake Music pack!

Since the release of Trent's new vinyl pressing, UMG has really cracked down on game music in play-through videos. This is a simple drop-in pack for those who stream or folks who simply don't have the original soundtrack. OGG format. Composers & track names included in folder.


When i saw your post i was like "What? Youtube can't block videos just because someone is playing quake with the original quake soundtrack!"

And here i am today, with my first Copyright claim by UMG... and i have more than 500 videos on my channel, so i think more and more of my videos will be blocked in the next days...

Man, that sucks... and makes no sense to me :P 
I suppose that's the real price to pay for the physical OST release. 
Download Works With FireFox 
... so fuck Chrome... ;) 
I agree that the whole thing is rather silly, considering that (1) repeated gunfire and assorted noise drowns it out the vast majority of time & (2) it's a game that is almost a quarter of a century old and is currently appreciated by a relatively small group of people.

Hopefully, this Creative Commons/community pack will keep you trucking! 
maybe some retweets are in order? can't hurt 
I Don't Get It 
Why didn't they bother blocking videos containing original Quake music before? 
Perhaps because of the recent release of the remastered OST on vinyl? Just a guess. 
Which I notice was mentioned in the first sentence of the OP. Anyway, it's my guess as well. 
Yeah I got that, but why couldn't they do so before? It appears that UMG has ownership/rights to Nothing/Interscope records catalogues, and perhaps that includes Quake soundtrack.

Anyway, first an "unnamed videogame publisher" prevents a pretty nice booklet with liner notes to be included in the release, and also censors the screenshots from the game in the digital version of it. And now this. Nice... 
Remember that it took years for the OST to be actually released from the day Trent announced it. I am assuming 95% of that time was spent on legalities and ownership. 
If You MUST Have NIN 
Here's Ghosts I-IV. Give credit and you are good to go. 
In my opinion, for what it's worth, the Quake community seems to have a much better taste in custom music than the Doom community, who often pick songs which sound nice, but are too "happy" for Doom and kill the mood somewhat. I like the fact that Quake modders tend to stick with dark ambient music.

Some of the original Quake tracks work surprisingly well in certain mods, and it's a shame this will no longer be the case as much. For example, Track 05 fits nicely in Ancient Egypt-themed maps because it has a "windy" vibe and a high-pitched noise that sounds similar to a Middle Eastern woodwind. And Track 07 (the one that keeps going "BURRUP BURRUP... BURRUP BURRUP...") fit perfectly with Bloodshot's map for the Underwater Jam. There was even a map from one of the Halloween Jams where it started with ambient music, but later changed to Track 02 when the final battle occurred, which was a nice touch. 
Thanks Guys! 
I'll be using these going forward on The Quake Grave. 
for more Quake Grave!!! 
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