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Xmasjam2020 : November 12 - December 13
Once again xmasjam is upon us! This mapping jam begins Thursday November 12, 2020 and runs until the end of day your local time on Sunday December 13, 2020. All maps submitted should confine gameplay to 1024x 1024y 1024z map boundaries.

Mod : Arcane Dimensions 1.8 Patch 1
Theme : Mapper's choice (Gameplay boundaries should be confined to 1024x 1024y 1024z)
Jam Host :Comrade Beep with generous co-hosting assistance from Bal
Naming Convention : xj2020_author
Submissions : Comrade Beep
Previous XMASJAMS:
Discussion Channel:
Deadline: Sunday December 13, 2020 Midnight your local time
Email Submissions?? 
Or upload submissions??

Also alternate discussion channel here:

GL HF mappers and don't put too much cheeky architecture outside the cube :P 
Upload Submissions Will Be Fine 
Participants can upload to Quaketastic by the deadline and I'll add them into the pack. Use the naming convention and include a readme.txt Thanks for setting up the TF discussion channel. 
Just Curious, But... 
Why do all X-Mas jams have the 1024x1024x1024 constraint? What if someone wanted to make, for example, a map involving a func_sleigh ride across a vast frozen plain, "gibbing all the way"?

The restriction is tricky, and it should be interesting to see how people tackle it and make the most of the limited space. Think inside the box. Part of the reason for this is to keep the maps managable in terms of size and playtime. Small 5-10 minutes levels instead of huge limit-breaking megamaps that may not make the deadline. We need 24 in total! 
Yeah it was a constraint on the first one, and it has been carried over to subsequent Xmas jams because it is a neat part of the character of the thing. 
I see. Thanks for the info.

In general, I'm not a fan of small maps, especially ones which substitute exploration with spawning a bunch of monsters in your face. But to each his own.

When I imagine a start map for a Xmas-themed pack, I tend to think of a giant pyramidal tree decorated with those floating orbs and gift boxes around its base, and when "opened," each gift would reveal a portal to a map entry (because community maps ARE gifts.) But then, I'm not the one organizing this jam, and my idea may not be feasible anyway. 
I'd say it's a soft restriction tbh. Just don't go too big.
The idea that each small map is a door in an advent calendar, like a little piece of chocolate is each map :) 
Wasn't this supposed to be out by now? 
Christmas Comes Tomorrow 
From Quake Mapping on Discord:

Comrade Beep

Today 05:27
We are slightly delayed. Looking to launch tomorrow. Everything is looking good but I want to make sure everything goes smoothly
Everybody's portal is hooked up and working well. I need to do some logic stuff for the gates to keep track of maps played and not played. 
awesome, thanks for the update 
It's postponed until tomorrow, again, btw. 
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