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Q1SP: Primo
A first mapping effort from RĂ©mi Salomon, drawing inspiration from Honey and jam1_skacky.bsp.


Download here
Pretty Cool! 
Pretty darn cool for a first effort. Starts off slow & then things pick up nicely. I liked the verticality and rockwork, which you typically don't see with a first map. 
Nice Map 
Good architecture and cool gameplay. The end of the map is very hard to play.

Here is the gameplay video. 
Nice Map. 
Cool architecture and good gameplay. The end of the map is pretty fun to play.

Here is the gameplay and commentary video. 
Enjoyable Map 
Nice architecture and lighting, gameplay was decent.

One minor nitpick is that I could seemingly run through a lot of the arena setups and avoid the encounters completely. Not always a bad thing but I could do it way more than I probably should be allowed in this instance.

Anyway, I made a demo. 
Before I Forget 
Here's Another Video For Ya... 
Good Map 
I think it's a good map, it's not awesome/jaw dropping, but it's not bad at all. For a first attempt it's impressive.

The biggest problem is the installation. You packaged everything inside a folder, that's great. But the structure is not ok, the readme file tells that you should put the map inside id1/maps and the gfx where it needs to be.

I tweaked the files, I created maps folder inside the primo folder and moved the bsp and lit file there, then I did the same with the gfx/env. Launched the game with -game primo, worked perfectly. I really think that's the way it should have come by default.

I tried skill 0, the map warned me that's Normal skill and easy it's not supported, it's a nice touch. It wasn't hard at all, it was quite enjoyable, I expected it to be much harder (after I played *a lot* of maps on easy, maps that were brutal hard on some areas).

The map has quite a few areas, all nice, good architecture, a lot of polygons, textures are aligned very good, everything was done "by the book", but, somehow, it lacks "something", it's a bit generic and bland. It shouldn't be, each small thing is done very good, but the total of those things just didn't clicked (at least not for me).

I'm sure your next map will be a great map. 
Oh Yeah I Forgot To Take The Piss Out Of The Installation Folders. 
They're gashed. Totally gashshitted.

Skybox images go in id1\gfx\env so they're best packaged like that. 
oh and my demo too
skill 2 first play.
Nice map you created! 
Another neat debut! A couple of big cool fight setpieces, changes of theme, a surprise, and some nice peeks into past or future areas. Perhaps a bit too linear? although a little multipathing goes a long way.

Keep on mapping my dude. 
Nice work!

Love the the design and texturing.
Could be a littel be darker. 
Nice Map 
For a debut, this is impressive. The architecture is nice, the flow is good, the difficulty spikes kinda suddenly when the sham+vore combo appears, but generally it's fine.

One thing I really like is how closely the skybox colours are matched to the environment and fog, making the whole thing blend nicely. A lot of maps don't manage that, so kudos!

A few more secrets and a bit more character - in the form of stronger visual storytelling or set pieces - would lift this from good to great.

Can't wait to see the sophomore effort. 
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