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Q1SP: The Mountains Of Insanity
Presenting my newest map - "The Mountains of Insanity" (bmfbrsp2)

A classic idbase map... with a twist.

- Medium-sized, around 20-30min playtime
- 146 enemies (Normal) / 161 (Hard), 10 secrets
- Features a custom version of progs_dump by dumptruck_ds
- Custom skybox included


Very good map!
Nice environmental storytelling, good encounters and clever secrets (that last quad damage one, I liked it a lot)

Still have 4 secrets to find, but I'll replay it for sure.

I'll keep an eye out for the follow-up. Keep up the good work! 
Yup quite good!

As I mentioned on Discord, I like the way you put together a progression of themes/locations that feel right. You had some of that going in your previous release (The Doomed Cathedral), but it's better here.

It _is_ a familiar theme progression for a Quake map; however it's not run into the ground yet IMO, more like when I recognized what you were doing it was a nice moment of "oh hey it's one of these, let's see what they do with it!"

Your base map texturing BTW was well done. It's a challenge to make a base map not just look like the all-over-dirty-beige of a weathered old Compaq computer that played Quake back in '96. You had some good use of orange tones and a few slightly-off-the-beaten-path texture choices that rescued the look.

The layout and construction of especially the initial basemap part was a lot of fun in how it routes you back and forth at different height levels; it feels like exploring and unlocking a place, and the path isn't confusing at all.

The secrets are on the hard side! I haven't found most of them so I can't really say in the end whether they were fair or not. :-)

I know you've been over this one a few times testing, fixing, and reworking it. I like all these jams and speedmaps but it's always good to play a standalone release that has had that extra level of attention to work it into shape.

One last comment, along those lines: the area with the "storage tubes" is handled really well in terms of setting and rewarding player expectations. Overall you've got a light-touch but effective amount of visual storytelling that makes the map a bit more fun and memorable. 
Great Map! 
I love the attention to detail. There are some nice touches, like the specimen chamber, the excavation leading to artifacts and strange stuff... reminds me of Doom 3 (in a good way.) I also like how the soldiers will deliberately fight the extra-dimensional monsters. 
Thank you all for the feedback! Glad you liked it =]

Here's a quasi-speedrun demo on Hard skill with 100% completion, in case someone's having a hard time with the secrets: 
Here's A Video For Ya...

I really like the look & play of this map! I wasn't crazy about some of the backspawning & I thought the final battle was a tad nuts on normal, but either than that, I thought it was well done :) 
Crashes ... 
Tried to quicksave under Debian 10.6, Quakespasm 0.93.1, crashed with this error:

Saving game to /home/..../.quakespasm/bmfbr/quick.sav...
*** buffer overflow detected ***: /usr/lib/quake/quake-engine terminated
This happens when maps have an excessively long string in their "wad" field, typically if they use or reference multiple texture wads with absolute paths.

A workaround would be creating an .ent file with a shortened "wad" field in worldspawn. Can be done with bspinfo.exe (at least BJP's version) or manually by opening the .bsp in a text editor and copying everything from "classname" "worldspawn" downward to a new bmfbrsp2.ent file that's placed alongside bmfbrsp2.bsp. 
Might as well try the latest version of Quakespasm too (0.93.2). I didn't have any problem quicksaving in this map when playing on Linux. Might have just got lucky, but I think 0.93.2 fixed that issue here: 
Joel B: good call, this does seem to be the problem (and the fix). I just tried again with the latest Quakespasm Spiked version, which is based on 0.93.2, and no problem occurs. 
A solid base map that slowly descends into a runic theme. Unfortunately I received an error at the very end that kicked me back to the console. SV_Error: Bad pointer write in changemusic (null pointer) My only guess is its related to a music change moment. I was using the latest version of FTE so I don't know if its a map problem or an FTE problem.

But regardless its a very fine map with a touch of an old school feel.

First run, hard skill 
Yeah, that was supposed to be a music change. It's a feature of progs_dump that on my tests worked with no problems, but I think I didn't test the map on FTE until the very end really.

My target clients and main testing platforms were QS and QSS, so you can give the map a go on one of them if you like. 
And thanks for the video! 
Pretty Sure I Tested On FTE 
Will take another look to see what is up. 
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