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Q1SP: The Mountains Of Insanity
Presenting my newest map - "The Mountains of Insanity" (bmfbrsp2)

A classic idbase map... with a twist.

- Medium-sized, around 20-30min playtime
- 146 enemies (Normal) / 161 (Hard), 10 secrets
- Features a custom version of progs_dump by dumptruck_ds
- Custom skybox included


Very good map!
Nice environmental storytelling, good encounters and clever secrets (that last quad damage one, I liked it a lot)

Still have 4 secrets to find, but I'll replay it for sure.

I'll keep an eye out for the follow-up. Keep up the good work! 
Yup quite good!

As I mentioned on Discord, I like the way you put together a progression of themes/locations that feel right. You had some of that going in your previous release (The Doomed Cathedral), but it's better here.

It _is_ a familiar theme progression for a Quake map; however it's not run into the ground yet IMO, more like when I recognized what you were doing it was a nice moment of "oh hey it's one of these, let's see what they do with it!"

Your base map texturing BTW was well done. It's a challenge to make a base map not just look like the all-over-dirty-beige of a weathered old Compaq computer that played Quake back in '96. You had some good use of orange tones and a few slightly-off-the-beaten-path texture choices that rescued the look.

The layout and construction of especially the initial basemap part was a lot of fun in how it routes you back and forth at different height levels; it feels like exploring and unlocking a place, and the path isn't confusing at all.

The secrets are on the hard side! I haven't found most of them so I can't really say in the end whether they were fair or not. :-)

I know you've been over this one a few times testing, fixing, and reworking it. I like all these jams and speedmaps but it's always good to play a standalone release that has had that extra level of attention to work it into shape.

One last comment, along those lines: the area with the "storage tubes" is handled really well in terms of setting and rewarding player expectations. Overall you've got a light-touch but effective amount of visual storytelling that makes the map a bit more fun and memorable. 
Great Map! 
I love the attention to detail. There are some nice touches, like the specimen chamber, the excavation leading to artifacts and strange stuff... reminds me of Doom 3 (in a good way.) I also like how the soldiers will deliberately fight the extra-dimensional monsters. 
Thank you all for the feedback! Glad you liked it =]

Here's a quasi-speedrun demo on Hard skill with 100% completion, in case someone's having a hard time with the secrets: 
Here's A Video For Ya...

I really like the look & play of this map! I wasn't crazy about some of the backspawning & I thought the final battle was a tad nuts on normal, but either than that, I thought it was well done :) 
Crashes ... 
Tried to quicksave under Debian 10.6, Quakespasm 0.93.1, crashed with this error:

Saving game to /home/..../.quakespasm/bmfbr/quick.sav...
*** buffer overflow detected ***: /usr/lib/quake/quake-engine terminated
This happens when maps have an excessively long string in their "wad" field, typically if they use or reference multiple texture wads with absolute paths.

A workaround would be creating an .ent file with a shortened "wad" field in worldspawn. Can be done with bspinfo.exe (at least BJP's version) or manually by opening the .bsp in a text editor and copying everything from "classname" "worldspawn" downward to a new bmfbrsp2.ent file that's placed alongside bmfbrsp2.bsp. 
Might as well try the latest version of Quakespasm too (0.93.2). I didn't have any problem quicksaving in this map when playing on Linux. Might have just got lucky, but I think 0.93.2 fixed that issue here: 
Joel B: good call, this does seem to be the problem (and the fix). I just tried again with the latest Quakespasm Spiked version, which is based on 0.93.2, and no problem occurs. 
A solid base map that slowly descends into a runic theme. Unfortunately I received an error at the very end that kicked me back to the console. SV_Error: Bad pointer write in changemusic (null pointer) My only guess is its related to a music change moment. I was using the latest version of FTE so I don't know if its a map problem or an FTE problem.

But regardless its a very fine map with a touch of an old school feel.

First run, hard skill 
Yeah, that was supposed to be a music change. It's a feature of progs_dump that on my tests worked with no problems, but I think I didn't test the map on FTE until the very end really.

My target clients and main testing platforms were QS and QSS, so you can give the map a go on one of them if you like. 
And thanks for the video! 
Pretty Sure I Tested On FTE 
Will take another look to see what is up. 
Startup Errors 
Couldn't load sound/dump/spark.wav
Couldn't load sound/break/pd_bricks.wav

You need to include the sounds from the pd devkit in your zip file if you're gonna use them in your map. Can't assume the player is gonna have them already. 
Obviously that should say pd_bricks1.wav above. 
Really Great Map. 
Played in QSS in Normal mode and got all kills and only 3/10 secrets on my first run through which took about 18 mins.

Loved the progression from base style to runic and the "invasion" of the runic monsters into the base as the level progressed.

Nice brushwork and texturing, plus the layout and progression gave the whole map a great sense of place. Some maps feel like locations are totally disparate elements strung together with corridors, but that's not the case here at all. Well done!

On Normal difficulty the map was extremely easy until the final fight. Maybe ramp it up a bit more earlier on so the difficulty doesn't spike all at once.

I'll probably give it one more go and see if I can spot a few more secrets before I cheat with the video you linked above :P 
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