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Shrak QC Source
Does anybody have the QuakeC source for the "Shrak" TC by Quantum Axcess? After I have seen the decompiled/reconstructed source code of "Malice" floating around, I thought maybe someone did the same for the other addon made by the same devs.
No Idea 
Maybe TeamShambler has it? 
I have actually tried by myself to decompile Shrak's progs.dat, but as expected, the result isn't satisfying. The code recompiles with some minor adjustments, but the resulting file is over 100KB smaller than the original, meaning there's a lot of code missing. The game won't run with that, either.

Maybe anybody is able to reconstruct the rest based on the decompiled bits that I have?

Regarding the TeamShambler website: That one is closed since 2001... I doubt they would react to any recent requests, even if I was able to find any means to contact anybody there. 
Fair enough. I notified them. Let's see if it helps. 
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Rocking The Wall Shrimps 
Decompiled Shraks's progs.dat with FTEqccgui 2018.
Made a reverse attempt with a selfmade progs.scr,
and waisted out by a console.qc inserted line" echo.
Probably my bad prog.scr listing.

Anyway.., here is something to troll with.
It's the original code.

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That's roughly as far as I got. Your code still has a few lines that prevent proper compilation, but even with those fixed, you end up with a progs.dat that's roughly 100 KB smaller than the original. This means a lot of stuff is missing and the game certainly won't run with it. It's especially missing id1-specific qc like oldone.qc or shambler.qc which would be required for Shrak assets to work in the regular Quake episodes. 
After decompiling I'm not sure if the size of the progs.dat is a measureable amount. When I decompile the normal progs.dat of quake it also minimize from 500 to 300kb without a reasonable difference.

Maybe the progs.scr has to have an addition to the original quake source. So it would be something like an original quake1 progs.scr with the original q1 monsters added. 
It almost looks like it's completely omitting any id1-related content when decompiling. I already noticed in my own attempt that boss.qc for example is missing like the first 60% of its original code. There's no way Chthon would work like that, and you are supposed to be able to play with Shrak assets through the original Quake episodes.

Another issue seems to be that texts become messed up beyond recognition or even cut off like the episode ending texts.

Looks like restoring this to a functional state would be a lot of work, especially since you have to know how the new content is supposed to work and what the new texts are.

I wanted to use this to fix a few bugs like a text not completely printed after returning to the hub from level #7 or so, plus avoiding the original "now you have all four runes" message. Right now I could only fix two map bugs, one in the second level with the gold key button underwater moving out instead of inside, making you get stuck under certain conditions, and showstopper in the penultimate map with a circuit card not showing on skill 0 (was supposed to be fixed in v2.0, but they only changed the code and forgot to adjust the item spawnflag in the map). 
If those are the only issues you want to fix, you don't need the qc source, though. It's possible to extract and modify entities in a bsp file without a complete recompile, e.g. to fix the "angle" on that button. The tools to do it can be downloaded from (bspinfo and qbsp/light) 
I know. In fact, the two map bugs are already fixed via .ent edits. They were also more severe than those text issues. Still I hoped to get them solved as well for the sake of completion. As a bonus, I wanted to reduce enemy HP on skill 0. But for that, complete and functional source is needed. 
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