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New Q1SP: Evil Wizard
This is my second standalone quake map. In a fortress surrounded by lava an evil wizard resides. He must die. A short map with Makkon and Knave textures.

(Requires Arcane Dimensions)


NOTE: This Is An A.D. Map 
...for anyone who didn't read the "read me." :) 
Small And Cool Map! 
I have played this small cool nice Map and have verry fun with this. The Music Track ist beatyfull.

Here are the Link to my Video!

Quake - Evil Wizard - [4K] - [100%] 
Thanks for the playthrough! Glad you had fun! 
Updated OP to mention it needs AD 
Would be kind of nice to follow the convention of AD-requiring bsps starting with the "ad_" prefix. 
...but I should play this and post a more content-ful comment! 
My Playthrough On Youtube

It's a neat little map! :) 
All right, short and sweet. A linear path through the map, but the feel of that is mitigated by the fact that it takes you around and through and over the spaces that you have seen.

Minor spoiler here but I guess folks don't typically read this thread until after they play? I really like the fact that you have to escape again after capping the wizard. Having to unwind your whole path back to the beginning only works in a short map of course, but I'm a little surprised I haven't seen some variant of this idea more often.

A couple of critiques:

* There are multiple spots where you run a texture right up to the edge of a brush face, and then have a different texture on the adjoining face. (Rather than breaking up the transition with trim.) This is a common oopsy that makes things look more fake than they necessarily need to, since it makes it obvious that the texture is just a 2D picture rather than being the appearance of some solid material. Of course it also makes the construction look more "oldschool" but I think it is a bit jarring in an AD map.

* I noticed a lot of monsters getting hung up on projecting wall-bits as they tried to pathfind to attack me. Might be a sign that more clipping is needed.

But anyway: nice work. Keep it up! 
Joel B 
Thanks for the critique! Glad you liked the map!

Texture alignment is definitely not my strong suit, but I feel like I made improvements with this map. Goal is to get better at it so thanks for the tip! 
What does button with cross do? 
ah... nevermind. Found it. By the way, I like very much the way you can get onto castle wall and grap quad with one trick jump right from rune pillar at the very beginning. It transforms whole level into a mini-slaughtermap. 
Nice jumping! That's only there semi-intentionally :D 
Played It On The Quake Grave

A great little map for a newcomer! I love the beginning area with the lava, very cool! I also like that your map tells the very simple story of an Evil Wizard ruling this castle and you have to dispose of him and escape. You'd be surprised how many maps don't have much of a story to tell within them, so I thought this was nice. The biggest issue I have with the map is that the scale feels off and can feel very cramped. Surprisingly, the combat seems to work out just fine considering the cramped feel but for your next map, this is what I would work on. Nice job! 
Short And Sweet 
Not much to say other than very nicely done.

First run, hard skill: 
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