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ADSP: Dead-Cold Fortress (ad_bmfbr_xm)
A simple map that was planned for Xmas Jam 2020, but I started pretty late and couldn't meet the deadline. So I decided to release it standalone, but still following the jam rules (Arcane Dimensions 1.8p1 and 1024^3 playable area).

Requires Arcane Dimensions mod or the Xmas Jam 2020 pack installed.



UPDATE: changed download link to point to v1.1
Version 1.1 
There were a few sever bugs that just passed by, they're corrected now.


Also the screenshot was the wrong one.

Updated Both Links 
Good Map 
Pros: Looks very good. I like design and set of texture. Nice mood.

Cons: Gameplay (Maybe I am not good player but not so bad as well and I think this map above skill 1 is too hard. It would be great to change skills balance.) 
NOTE: This Definitely Requires Xmas Jam 2020 
There are a few models (trees) that are not in the A.D. install that are needed. However, you should download the 2020 Xmas Jam anyway! :)

Regarding the map, it was short & fun! The only downsides were (1) having to wait for the supplies to respawn and (2) buttons and some of the decoration looking the same.

Oh, "Santa Claws" was a cute touch. 
Video Playthrough... 
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