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Authentic Models For Quake (AMQ)
Time to put this here as well!

The goal of the AMQ project is to provide improved models for Quake and its two mission packs, "Scourge of Armagon" and "Dissolution of Eternity". While adding more detail, the replacements are supposed to remain faithful and not change the character of the models in general.

AMQ on Github
AMQ on ModDB

ModDB has a few nice promo screenshots to give you an impression of the quality work that is included here.
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@Yhe1 And @Nightfright 
Yhe1: You can simply swap it out with the milder one from Bloodshot from earlier versions or simply delete him from the PAK. For example, I like the stock hellknight, so he always remains in my lineup.

I got a kick out of the new "Barnaby pump action" Dwere model for the single barrel shotgun. That was the only Dwere weapon model that I needed, since I was using the regular Barnaby one, so that was a nice little Christmas present :)

Good job keeping this updated, Nightfright. I appreciate it!

P.S. You might want to look into Copper's invulnerability & quad damage models. Those are quite nice and fullbright fixed. Backpack's nice too. 
Greenwood, I see from your playthroughs that you also use some custom models, do you mind sharing your line up? would like to check it out. 
Just To Keep It Straight.... 
AMQ = Authentic Models For Quake
AQM = Alternative Quake Music 
Title Name 
Oh, wasn't aware of that. Maybe I can rename it to FMQ (F=Faithful). However, we've been using the other name since day 1, so I dunno. Maybe it doesn't even matter. 
@Nightfright And @Yhe1 
I think metlslime is just pulling your leg, Nightfright. Considering neither one of us are losing profits from the similar abbreviations, I wouldn't lose any sleep over it :)

Yhe1, most of the models I use come from various iterations of Nighfright's packs. I might use an odd one here & there, like c0burn's rounded-head stock ogre. Several I've simply left standard. Anyway, here's mine, since you're interested: 
Quad and Pentagram from Copper look indeed good and will probably be in the next release. (Chillo has his own style which doesn't always fully nail it. That's why we modified some of his contributions.)

As for the backpack, I would say the AMQ one is still slightly better than in Copper. While the pockets are not as articulated and the shoulder straps are not so curvy, skin and rear side look more the way they do on the id1 model. 
Mixed Bag 
Some look good. Some look same. Some look bad.

I'll see what I think after a few updates. I like the idea behind this pack though. Keep it up.

Initial thoughts:
Fiend looks droopy or stretched.
Mummy needs more bandages.
Zombie looks too defined and not fleshy enough.
Ogre neck seems off, too fat maybe. Ogres are hard though. Not even sock's hunter ogres are up to par with the original imo, animations were too jerky or unnatural.
The horn of conjuring looks the same except maybe a skin upres, still seems not smooth enough.
The grav belt looks nice.
The stone death knight looks nice.
The empathy shield looks the same.

Did you include dwere's weapon models? 
I Approve Of This Concept And Intention. 
May I humbly suggest buying glasses or using a tool which allows you to compare the original models with the new ones?

Fair enough if you don't like the artistic approach of some of the models, they were made by different artists after all. However, writing that the SoA shield or horn look the same... that just hurts, man. I was involved in the creation process of these models and specifically asked for the lower poly version of the two horn variants Tea Monster created, for keeping the retro feel of the entire collection. You can get the higher poly version in the QuakeOne forum if you politely ask for it.

This project will never please everyone since selections were made by subjective choice, and only recently did we start having content being exclusively created for our purpose. What Tea Monster did for us in the last two months was simply awesome and his artistic output should not be put aside so harshly. We wanted the item remakes to look as closely to the originals as possible, but with higher poly counts. He absolutely delivered on that and we are quite satisfied with the result.

Other models which we just picked up randomly from places however may be subject to change. Next release will have Copper's Quad and Pentagram, and we are also experimenting with a new Ogre model derived from Arcane Dimensions. At the end of the day, people will end up making their own versions of this pack, which is just fine. None of us are not working for id and this isn't an official product. If your requirements or expectations are higher, feel free to look elsewhere for anything that satisfies your needs. It may not be as easy as you might think, though. People doing Q1 models these days are hard to come by. 
I've been following this project since 1.63 and it's come on leaps and bounds. I'm intrigued to see the outcome of your ogre experiments. The current model is just 'too animated' for me, if that makes sense. I love the shambler, though. That guy's just a chunky beast! 
Keep It Going, NightFright! 
Each project that we see on this forum is presented by creative people, artists, sculptors, one might say. After all, not everyone can do the same, or at least something similar. I think it is inappropriate to criticize head on, or even uncivilized. If you can do better - help with advice, be kind. If something looks unusual to you, it doesn't mean that everyone doesn't like it. 
New Ogre 
Here is a preview of the new ogre from AD.

Shoulder pads are removed and various skin edits have been applied by osj. It's a good approach and if we get pending animation issues solved, it might turn out to be a more fitting replacement than what we have right now. 
The preview ogre is looking really cool. A nice refinement without modernising it too much. I saw osj's post over at Quakeone with another WIP. If you gus can somehow work out that slight hiccup in the walking animation it would be pretty perfect.

Thanks so much for spending all this time and energy on this great wee project. I, for one, really appreciate it. 
Getting There 
We are almost done since we found that Bloodshot had a version of the same ogre model with much better animations in his Quake 1.5 mod. However, there is still some issue with vertex jiggle on the weapon and face when the model is standing idly (at least I think it's only that and not more). If any of you is into modelling and you are willing to help out, feel free to head over to the QuakeOne forums and get this thing fixed. 
Nice work but the original looks more imposing, at least in-game. In the comparison shot it has wider shoulders, straight back and a slight forward lean. The AD ogre is a "better" model but something is not quite right. Looks like the new fella has a bad back, and the rocket launcher seems different. As you said, the ogre is an icon of Quake, and so I'd be careful with any proportional changes. I like the approach Lunaran has taken to fix up the knight model, i.e. small intervention, huge effect. 
Osj's New Ogre WiP 
I popped over to Quakeone and tried out osj's latest ogre. When I first looked at it in the Quake Model Viewer I was a little reticent. It does indeed wobble like a jelly!

However, when I stuck it in a PAK and played the game it wasn't anywhere near as bad as I'd feared. As the model's going through lots of animations while in combat the wobbling didn't stick out to me that much.

All in all, it feels like a step in the "right" (right being my subjective opinion) direction, at least for my tastes. :)

I hope you find someone with the skill and time to fix things to the point that make you guys happy too. 
This is really cool! The zombies are really fun and cool to look at! I think the grunt with the new shotgun and dark eyes sticks out a bit as not authentic compared to some of the other models. Maybe that's just me :)

Great work! 
I am confident we get the AD ogre fixed. It's a good model in general, maybe "rougher" than our current Chillo edit, but ultimately closer to the original.

We got some valuable input via ModDB in the meantime. Based on that, we tracked down an issue with UV mapping on the backpack (skin was effed up on both sides), replaced some spherical models with better ones and improved the choppy recoil animation of the rocket launcher.

We will also try to add back the missing muzzleflashes to grenade and rocket launcher. The tentacles of Shub will have some animation tweaks and the Vore needs an adjustment of its walking cycle (which has a slight hickup atm).

After this is done, we are almost ready for the next release already. 
Revision #24 Released 
Mostly a service release.

Highlights: New Quad Damage/Pentagram by Lunaran, smoother rocket launcher animation and skin fixes for Backpack + Anti-Grav Belt. 
Revision #25 Released 
It's been an effort to get enough together to justify another release. Don't expect another any time soon.

- DoE Plasma cells done
- Visual overhaul for BSP models (ammo, health, exploding boxes)
- Muzzleflashes for Grenade/Rocket Launcher
- Better animations for Shub and Vore
- Super Shotgun viewmodel repositioned 
What's the progs.dat file? Where should it be placed? 
These go along with the .pak files. Everything is already in the correct subdirs (id1, hipnotic, rogue).

Note that the progs.dat files are not necessary for operation and just add a few nice things like projectile angle correction. They will also be overridden by any mod using its own progs.dat. 
I Would Like To Ask 
are you planning to improve id models for Drake: dog, ogre, ranger, knight, shalrath, soldier and shambler which are differ only for few headless frames in general? 
Short answer: No.
If anybody is able or willing to do this, feel free. 
Revision #26 Released 
With this update, we implemented MDL conversions of some selected MD5 models from Quake Enhanced. Especially the Ogre, Rotfish and Zombie profit from this change.

We intentionally did not simply convert all available MD5s, and those that we used were fixed up until we were satisfied with them (e.g. Ogre and Demon models don't clip into floor when walking/after death). Where we were happy with existing replacements, we kept them in place - also for consistency reasons (e.g. new Grenade Launcher would not have looked good in combination with Prox Mine Launcher from SoA). 
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