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Prodeus SP: Vulcan Facility
I released a map for Prodeus (it's a fun retroshooter) called Vulcan Facility. Check it out if you already own the game.

P-link: m-N8uKaYeouP
It is used to find the map thru the in-game custom maps browser

Does this game have proper save yet? 
nope, you just respawn at the checkpoint 
Really nice, good work! I haven't actually finished the main game yet so some of the enemies were new to me 
Cool Map! 
I liked the map! Good use of loops and revisiting spaces, meaty encounter rooms. I got a little bit lost by all the small doors. Would have liked to have a few more weapons in the beginning of the map but that changed when I got the grenadelauncher.

Last piece of advice would be to have more varied visual style, but Prodeus looks kinda similar all the time so not sure how much you can do there!

Congrats on the release! 
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