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Sinister 625: A 6 Texture Limit Mapping Jam
Sinister 625 Map Jam

6 Textures
2 Surprises
5 Monster Types

Celebrating 25 years of Quake. Another map jam celebration!
Limitations breed creativity, but being limited in colors tends towards better paintings, stronger shapes, and better focus on layouts. In the spirit of previous texture limit jams, let's have fun with another 6 texture limit jam! New spin, 5 monster limit to better focus on gameplay aspect.

· ͏͏͏6 visible textures to be used. This includes sky and liquids. This does not include clip, skip, trigger.
· ͏͏2 Surprises! Get creative...this could be anything.
· ͏͏͏5 Monster types per map. A limited color and monster palette.

· ͏͏͏Exit to start map
· ͏͏͏Readme
· ͏͏͏Include map source

MOD: progs_dump (latest 2.0 as of this writing)
NAMING: sinister625_author

BEGIN: Any time!
RELEASE: Tuesday, JUNE 22nd 2021

SUBMISSIONS: Message @Qmaster#3934 on Discord, or josiahjackcitadel AT
Can I Use Any Custom Textures? Yes 
I understand that custom textures could be "abused" at least from the standpoint of the spirit of the jam by combining multiple textures into one, but all custom textures are allowed, and this encourages thinking more deeply about how to use a particular texture, sheet or otherwise. The intention is to focus more on shapes and creativity, whether by using 6 simple classic textures, or 6 complex sheet textures.

How can I make this texture work for me?

What unexpected and interesting way can I use it? 
Do Animated Textures Count As More Than 1? No, They Count As 1. 
Can I Use 0 Monsters? Yes, It's Less Than 5 Types. 
The replaced sky texture would be just one... 
Skybox = Sky = 1 
If there is a sky texture at all, it only counts as 1, whether a skybox is used or not. 
Do Reskinned Monster Variants Count As Additional Types? 
If their behavior and/or attacks are different, then yes, they count as 1 type. If only the skin is different, then no they aren't counted as extra; e.g. AD has 2 different skins with slight variation for rocket grunts but they are still rocket grunts and under that 1 type.

All monsters are allowed, so long as the number of types is 5 or less....and they are available in progs_dump of course. 
I'm In. 
Download For Pd_200 
Here's a link to the latest version of progs_dump. There might be a small update to the mod before the release but we'll make sure everyone knows ahead of time. Should be compatible. 
Prepare Submissions 
Deadline is Friday for submission! (by midnight your time).
Get em' in. Think sinister. 
Sinister 625 Is OUT! 
The Dead Room 
... must be one of the most ingenious Quake maps I have played since a long time. There were far more surprises than just two in this one, it was a constant WTF for me, actually. 
Heresy's Map Is Awesome! 
But there's no ambiance sound in this map. It feels missing something.

Also, again, it's a pity that Spiked QSS (MacOS version) has problems with many of the new maps and mods (app is quiting in some circumstances). Come on Spike, do something!

Anyway, this mod is really excellent! 
The Dead Room 
PalmliX, congrats! This may be one of the most interesting maps I've played in a long while. Awesome. 
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