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Q1SP Acid Worship (for Rubicon 2)
It is my first map ever.
Designed for Rubicon 2
Converted to news thread. Screenshot looks promising. 
Very cool map. A lot of attention to detail and fairly challenging considering it only has the Rubicon 2 enemies. Only found one secrete but I did appreciate the "companion" found inside. :) 
This is a cool maps, I think regular enemies should be used along side the rubicon 2 ones tho. 
Thanks For Feedback 
Rubicon 2 is self-sufficient mod imo. It has rotation entities and breakable system and it adds more flexibility to your creativity. It has unrepeatable industrial style and unique look. Kharisma. I love it. As for first time mapper Rubicon is not too hard for learn mapping. Compare it with huge amount of entities in AD! 
Loved The Environment 
Looking really good, especially for a first map! I have a soft spot for anything Rubicon related so with that aesthetic is right up my street.

I would say that perhaps there were a few too many nooks and crannies in total darkness though that could just be my settings. The only thing I found to be a bit irksome was the sheer number of spawning-in enemies. After 2 or 3 playthroughs I'd learned where they spawned but the first time kinda felt a little cheap. Usually I like to play through a map on Easy to absorb the vibe of the setting and then play through again on Hard but that didn't really work out for me this time.

Anyway, that's my tuppence worth. I'd really love to see an update on this map with some tweaking with perhaps another map or two in the Rubicon setting ;). All in all, good stuff. Thanks for sharing it with us. 
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