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Q1SP: Alkaline: A Base Enhancement Mod/map Pack
Alkaline is out now! After many months of development, the Base enhancement mod/map pack is available to enjoy.
With maps from Bal, Bloodshot, bmFbr, Greenwood, Grome, Juzley, Makkon, Mista Heita, Scampie, and zigi.
More details available about the mod via the Quaddicted forum post below.

Download (175 MB):

Quaddicted forum post (with screenshots):

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Same Map 
Slipgate sickness is an old map from SM71, a little modified. To tired to make something new? ;) 
To #35 
ad_sepulcher is the same e1m3 map did you not know that? 
To #36 
haha, touchy community? 
I think calling Greenwood lazy is a bit silly, considering he's easily been the most productive mapper in the last two years (30+ maps, and organized to 2 large packs).
Remixing maps is a good thing, it's nice to sometimes revisit something you've already played with a new twist.

Anyways, thanks for the kind words everyone, and thanks again to Greenwood for organizing this pack! 
Slipgate Sickness 
Interesting, I had never played the original but it really did feel like both "a speedmap" and also "from the 2000s." 
To Bal 
I wasn't that serious. And don't get me wrong, i appreciate all the work that goes in to all maps and packs. Thx for that. This one was great. 
Well, you are partially correct.

Slipgate Sickness is a map that I made by remixing actually 3 old Scampie Base speedmaps together, into a fun little medley. To adhere to the stipulation that every map has a different theme, I used Impel textures (which was basically their goofy take on idBase).

It was originally intended as a secret map for Alkaline and an homage to Scampie's previous work, but a few folks dropped out, so I moved it to the main atrium, so people could enjoy it. I got Scampie's approval (he thought it was a neat idea) & most folks got a kick out of it. 
Any news on the devkit? 
We are working on it! We're just getting the documentation in order.
It'll save us from answering a ton of questions if we have a good, comprehensive document & an FGD with descriptive notes. :)

If I had to guess? In about a week, maybe less. 
Some awesome base maps... faves were zigi's, core meltdown, and foundation of corruption.. nice :) 
It's Arcane Dimensions 
In space and with bases. One of the most remarkable releases lately and a great gift for Quake's 25th anniversary.

If you intend to expand this further with more maps like AD, it could turn from great to epic. 
I know there are a couple of mappers who didn't finish in time for this release. Not sure if they plan on releasing their maps in an update or separately or just scrapping them. I agree with you that it would be awesome to see new maps, especially as people get more familiar with the new enemies and weapons and start utilising them better. 
DLC Potential 
To me it looks like a good base (literally) for a growing project. This space theme is something you don't see in Quake too often and it's refreshing to play, especially with a vast array of additional enemies.

I am not completely done with all the maps yet, but so far there hasn't been a single entry that wasn't top notch. Most importantly, while all levels are huge, they never get confusing. I had that experience recently with Smej2 where they took it way over the top IMO. 
was one of the maps from Alkaline an old nehahra map? If so, which one? Thanks! 
Huh? No. Alkaline maps are all original, with the minor exception of the secret map that I ended up moving to the main rotunda that I built from several Scampie speedmaps, as an homage to his earlier work.

You might be thinking of this map that I brought to Spirit's attention a while back that someone ported over to for Arcane Dimensions: 
I was actually talking about this:

"Well, it's not so much finishing them, but combining the original two from Nehahra into one mega-map & converting it over to a newer mod.
I've already finished the two mostly completed ones from his unreleased Nehahra expansion pack (which became "Kelluva Linna" and "Circulation of Shadows").
I even repurposed the start map from that unreleased pack for "Epochs of Enmity," so I've made good use of his archived efforts. 😃
Regardless, the answer is "Yes." I fully intend on doing it fairly soon. You'll have more classic Bal stuff to play!"

I thought the newer mod was Alkaline, I guess it is refering to something else? 
Yeah, I was talking about something else entirely. That was talking about taking Bal's 2 maps from Nehahra, combining them into one giant BSP2 (because they naturally continue) & converting them over to a more often used mod, like Arcane Dimensions or Quoth. I already started that.

Quite a few folks have a helluva time trying to get Nehahra running & some don't care for the narration and/or enemy tweaks, so I thought it might be nice to have another version. 
I Sometimes Wondered 
why no one makes maps for RRP and Rubicon 2, because these are great mods that players love, someone even said that these maps are so beautiful that you want to live in them. But despite all this, they are bypassed by the mappers. Why? Are these mods self-contained? Perhaps the reason is the base orientation, which gives little room for the mapper's imagination? Alkaline is a wonderful mod, perhaps even one of the best, and I would not want it to follow the path of Rubicon 2 and RRP. Some people like Quake for the base levels, others for the medieval, and it's like two sides of the same coin that make up one whole. Look at AD - it is versatile and miscellaneous (God bless Simon!) So why not make Alkaline even better? I guess, and this is just my personal opinion, it would be correct to add some medieval monsters. Look towards Prydon Gate - what high-quality fantasy monster models are consigned to oblivion ... 
Because Base Mods Keep Getting Made... 
Which is because there's a niche for it like how AD mostly serves as a fantasy style mod w/Base elements. As to why those maps don't see use is beyond the scope of this, but let's just say it takes a lot to get this community to adopt something. 
I Have Yet To Play 
But this looks to be another gorgeous addition to the ever-growing roster of amazing Q1SPs. Just peeked at Bal's map and am floored as expected by his lovely geometry and texturing. The custom menus and music are Quakey enough to keep the OG charm, but unique enough to remind me I'm playing something fresh and new. Really looking forward to completing the pack and checking out the devkit. 
Skill Selection Does'nt Work 
with progs.dat bundled with devkit. 
Missing Items In QSS Make Tellus Unable To Continue 
In the first little external base outside of the main space station in alk_tellus, there's a room where you must pick up a chainsaw and a quad damage and kill every axe grunt to proceed. These items don't spawn in the latest version of Quakespasm Spiked, "2021-November-14" so you're stuck in this room, forever doomed to hear the grunts you're supposed to be ambushed by taunting you through the walls.
These items spawn on the FTE/Afterquake engine, at the expense of some broken lighting in some of the hallways.
These items also spawn on Quakespasm 0.94.3, with no other problems.
I installed a fresh copy of the latest QSS release with the default configs and the problem persists.
Here's the real kicker: fascinatingly, the previous release of QSS, Quakespasm Spiked "2020-August-29" works as flawlessly as Quakespasm 0.94.3, with both items spawning and the next part of that area triggering properly.
The latest Quakespasm Spiked release seems to have issues with this particular map. Can anyone else confirm this? 
Using Windows 11. 
Try This 
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