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Q1SP Mod/Maps: Reliquary
Reliquary is a mod project I started based off of Copper, featuring very difficult maps, rebalanced weapons, and more coming in the future!



Reliquary features all difficulties bumped up by 1. Easy is no more. The difficulties go Normal, Hard, Very Hard, and Nightmare (Copper). To counter balance this, almost all weapons have been buffed or tweaked in some way.

This is the first alpha release, so some content may not be fully polished.
Is the difference between very hard and nightmare just in HP pool? 
This pack taught me not to jump in slime.

These maps are pretty great. 
Yeah it's just the Copper nightmare health cap. 
That's how Copper difficulty works, except skill 0-2 in Reliquary have been shifted up one level in terms of how they're named. 
Wow! Just Wow! 
This mod is simply superb! Perfect. The main map reminded me a bit Sepulcher.

Oh, and it works very well with my fucking MacOS QSS. 
I Am Agreeing With Barnak On This One. 
except I don't have a fucking Mac.

I've never played a markie map before. These are so beautifully constructed visually, thematically, gameplay wise. The skill and weapon changes are just mwah! Doom vibes in the best way. Great job on this I sincerely hope there's more coming down the pipeline! 
Skill 1 First Play Demo

I liked the new weapons and mechanics. The ssg needs some time to adjust to. The pistol was great.
Both maps are great looking. Nice scale and atmosphere

On my quake map enjoyment scale:
otsego 6/10 - the slime part made me nervous
miasma 7/10 - monsters often couldn't reach me, fun end fight 
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