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Q1SP: Gloom Keep Returns, And Updated Drake FGD
Hello. On and off I've been updating the old Drake mod fgd and have been using Gloom Keep as a testing ground in the vein of the Quoth based Back To Gloom Keep by Ankh. With some help from Qmaster, dumptruck_ds, and ORL, it is ready to be shared, along with the updated fgd. Here is a brief list of additions found:

-Breakable walls
-func_counter - a timer which will trigger events
-func_rain, and func_rain_point - a brush that will have rain inside of it, or a point of rain
-trigger_strip - strips player of everything except the axe, then removes itself
-The Dark Lord from Unforgiven's final map
-The ability to make enemies drop specific items
-The ability to equip human enemies with any and multiple weapons
-Potions similar to Doom's health bonuses

Some other included files are an old demo map for Drake which showcases its enemies and weaponry, and two old source maps also demonstrating Drake capabilities.

Hard mode is very hard. Watch out!
I can't tell from your description, is this an update to the mod, or just an update to the FGD based on features that are already in the mod? 
An update to the fgd based on features already in the mod that were undiscovered. Forgive me if that was unclear. 
It Is Only An Update 
to the .fgd wouldn't it be better to upload just that?

What's the reason? Those three maps? Or were they already in previous Drake's dev kit? 
In addition to the updated .fgd and expanded devkit.txt, this zip also includes e1m5drake, an add on to e1m5 by huanlopan demonstrating some of the unknown and undocumented features that the drake mod had. 
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