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Q1SP: Down The Gutter
Hi there!
I'm fairly new to this community and I just recently finished my first map for vanilla Quake (or my first Quake map in general). I hope you'll enjoy it :)


Screenshots & Flythrough:
Very Nice Gameplay And Visuals 
overall - very fun map, I had good time plowing through it on normal :)


+ nice detailed architecture, curves, arches, pipes etc
+ great choice of colors & visuals, consistent tone and style across the map
+ very good monster placement, ambushes, gameplay ideas in general - good ol'classic Quake traps
+ not overly complex in progression, so the player will neither get lost or bored
+ great presentation, your custom site w/screens etc looks very pro :)

- I had a feeling some areas were bit too large in scale - sometimes I could barely see what i'm shooting from afar. i'd scale down these rooms by 25%.
- some more texture variance on brick walls could help on that, also.
- I couldn't get the final Quad to move down in the final fight. if it has it's own trigger (secret) then no problem, but I kinda thought it will drop by itself at some point in the fight (i.e. before the last wave). 
Very Nice Map! 
I love this map. I didn't got the impression that some places were too large, but I would have prefered to see more debris under the water. The pipes are great. So why not more pipes, blocks and destroyed wood structures under water?

This map definitely stays in my Quake collection. 
how did you do the flythrough? :O 
I'm gonna guess the flythrough is just a combination of setting various speeds low (cl_forwardspeed, cl_rollangle, cl_rollspeed, cl_sidespeed?) and then with relatively low mouse sensitivity just cruising through the map with noclip + notarget.

Am I right? :D 
Really Great First Quake Map 
I had a blast with this. Played through on Nightmare.

Really good and consistent visual design. Nothing too flashy or experimental, just a solid modern Quake map.

Great monster placement, never too much at once, always somewhere to retreat to or hide behind.

Appreciate that the map is not a sprawling mess, it's linear without being boring or forcing the player to retrace their steps.

Unlike jpal I loved the oversized environments. Made it feel more epic and gave plenty of room for manoeuvre. I never felt like stuff was too far away.

I noticed the hidden button to drop the quad in the final fight after I'd already killed everything (or let them all kill each other!)

For a first Quake map, this is an awesome effort. Now make one using a progs mod! (progs_dump, copper, ad, rubicon2, whatever :) 
#3 & #4 
My guess is the flythrough was done with demsmooth to interpolate camera movement. 
looks good!
will give it a try! 
Thank you all for the great feedback! I really appreciate it and I'm already working on a second map (for the alkaline jam).

As for the flythrough: muk was right, I just followed the screenshots & flythroughs tutorial by dumptruck_ds on youtube. That also involved demsmooth. 
Excellent take on a classic theme. Really enjoyed slope jumping off those pipes! 
Skill 1 First Play Demo

I liked the design,scale and gameplay. Good pacing of weapons and ammo.
The end arena was cool. Was there a way to get the quad before the fight?
The underwater floors were a bit plain.

On my quake map enjoyment scale: 8/10 
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