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Q1SP: Squire Of Time
Hello, I'm Squeezit! This is my very first post here. This little episode was made back in 2018, and rather sitting dormant on my hard drive I have decided to clean the maps up and put them together for an actual release!

Screenshots here:

Download link:

And a bonus Youtube video of me completing each map:
An actual episode of nice ID1-like levels - short and sweet! The music is also pretty cool, I liked it a lot as well.

The only nitpick is that it felt a bit too easy. I played on Hard and it was easier than 'ID1 Hard', especially compared to most of the releases in the last few years which tend to be more demanding in that regard.

I noticed perhaps there's a bit too much on the supplies side? For example there are quite a few instances of 3 boxes of rockets in a row or 4 big shells boxes, etc. Becasue as soon as I got GL (and later RL), I had so many rockets I really could spam them. At times felt like not enough nails, though.

And I wasn't really looking for secrets on purpose but found like half of them, and often they have stuff like Red Armor, which is a very strong item. The first level, while having 29 enemies on Hard, has 9 secrets - maybe that's a bit much? Though (after checking the txt file) I have to say I didn't find the exit to secret level, so I played that one directly from the console after I completed the episode.

Anyway I enjoyed this a lot and it was really nice to play, especially since lately I got into more ID1-like stuff, so this was a very timely release for me, it "hit the spot". 
Same Comments 
I liked the many secrets and that most are pretty intuitive etc but way too many supplies in them. I liked the genera build quality and style 
Not Bad At All 
I have played your episode and liked it quite a bit.

+ Vanilla-style level design
+ Abundance of secrets rewards exploration
+ Smart teleporter shortcuts
+ Short but sweet

- A bit on the easy side (Vores are kinda rare, too many red armor pickups)
- Too dark in some places
- No boss map to conclude the episode properly (unless that Vore in SQ5 was supposed to be the boss and I didn't get it)

Especially in the beginning, I wouldn't give the player anything higher than green or yellow armor. You can switch to red maybe in the third map or so (possibly there can be one before in map 2, but it should be in a secret).

In general however, this is good stuff. Interesting locations, clever usage of stock textures, nice hunt for secrets (even though the levels are stuffed with goodies and powerups already, and if you find secrets, you are literally blazing through all of this).

(For anybody looking for the entrance to the secret level: It's in "The Sorceror's Halls" (SQ5), not far from the golden key door. However, you have to do something to gain access.) 
Hard-100% Playthrough Below

Interesting episode, but I'll resay what almost everyone said: it's way way too easy with way too rewarding secrets... Besides, I didn't have any sorts of difficulty finding them.

But it felt like original, ID1-like classic maps, and that's a huge change compared to the many atmospheric/environmental ones we can see around. I really really loved it. And SQ4 was pretty nice. Probably the best map in the episode.

Other than that, I noticed 2 jumps with "Squeezit was here" could be done in SQ2 and SQ3 (the latter isn't seen in the video but is pretty easy to find).

Keep up the good work! 
Solid Episode 
It's not awesome/jawdropping/etc. But it's not bad at all. It's fun, it is a lot like vanilla Quake. I liked the secrets, there's a lot of them. Most are a bit too easy to find, but it's fine. I played on easy and it was very easy, no complains here.

Most of Quake maps released in the last (10-15) years tend to be very hard even on easy. This time it wasn't the case, I really, really liked this.

Don't get me wrong, I can finish Quake on nightmare without any problems. Back in 1997-1998 I played deathmatch on semi-pro level, I wasn't at Thresh or Reptile skill, but I was quite good. But with the age I became less interested and focused, yet I still enjoy playing singleplayer maps for fun.

This episode was quite refreshing. Thank you. 
Love It 
Hello Squeezit. I've been getting back into Quake for a few weeks now, looking to come across a really special mapset. This is it! It sticks closely to the style of the original maps, while at the same time doing new things within that style. I really loved it. I was looking at your gamebanana page and it seems this is your first single-player release for Quake. I cannot stress this enough, please make more maps! And there's nothing like the warm fuzzy feeling of an episode to get through (like this) rather than isolated levels.

I'd actually played the maps of this episode that you'd released individually on gamebanana, and was going to leave you a comment on one of them, when I suddenly realized you'd already released the full episode, so I went ahead and played the whole thing. Twice in a row. This is rare for me.

I liked this episode so much it prompted me to write this comment (I've never reviewed anything Quake before).


-The secrets are very cool, and abundant.
-The levels flow very smoothly; solid gameplay! As mentioned before, it's not too hard, even on hard difficulty, but I see nothing wrong with that. It's nice to have maps you can comfortably make your way through, while still needing to be on your toes to some extent.
-The look of these maps is absolutely fantastic. Beautiful stuff. You never go too far without running into an interesting architectural feature, and there is a nice sense of interconnectedness to each map.
-The length of these maps is just perfect to me, and very id-like.
-I like how you use buttons and lifts to make the levels feel more dynamic and 3D-like. Some doors and secret rooms don't need them at all from a practical standpoint, but they add plenty of style.
-I also very much appreciate the list of secrets you provided.


-There's too much ammo in the maps, both in normal and secret areas. You could reduce it without affecting the overall experience and gameplay.
-As it's been mentioned before, some secrets contain stuff that is much too powerful for the challenge offered by the respective maps. Going ahead, I think your secret rooms should have less of certain types of powerups, or alternatively, you should consider having a few less secrets per map, particularly early on in an episode.
-At least in hard difficulty, some rooms have a few monsters too many (or they are placed in such a way) that they get in each other's way and some fail to successfully attack the player. It's not too big of a deal though as the gameplay holds up fine!

I wrote some observations on each map, but owing to the character limit, I can't post them in full here. You can see in them in the gamebanana page of the episode.

At the end of SQEND, it says "You have reached the end!" I hope not, I'm looking forward to more single-player episodes/maps from you! 
I Like It! 
Good episode. I always enjoy smaller maps, and these ones have some fun vertical layouts. The secrets were also very fun to find, although as others have pointed out they are too generous with items. I had red armour and was overhealed for what I suspect was most of my time with this, and also had an excess of rockets. My other main criticism is that I thought it strange to have a secret exit in what would otherwise be the last map.

That aside, you've proven yourself a capable and tasteful mapper and I'm excited to see what you'll do next. 
A Great Episode With A Few Minor Niggles 
95% of this is brilliant.

I love the ID+ design of the levels and some of the brushwork is really nice while still being unmistakably Quake. The flow of the maps is really excellent, especially the shortcut teleports that mostly negate backtracking.

I loved finding the secrets and most of them were pretty well advertised, though a few required some skill.

My criticisms are largely the same as the comments above, so I'll be brief.

- Pretty easy even on Nightmare. I died once in the whole playthrough and that was just general carelessness on my part.
- Too much ammo in general, especially rockets.
- Too many MH/RA secrets. Throw some GA/YA in there.
- Secret level placed in such a way that you skip the end of the final map (unless I'd already got through most of it - didn't seem like it)!
- The secret level is really short.
- No climactic final battle (again, is this because the secret level was the final level?)

Even with these criticisms, this was a fine episode, and I had a blast playing it. Never felt repetitive, never outstayed its welcome, felt good the whole way through.

Great stuff. 
I enjoyed it. Thanks. 
Skill 1 First Play Demo 
Should have played on hard skill. Full of ammo and health almost all the time.

Very nice episode of small, good looking maps.

sq1 all those easy secrets were fun to find 5/10
sq2 5/10
sq3 a bit of a button pusher still enjoyable 6/10
sq4 cool but RL was OP 6/10
sq5 great atmosphere right from the start 7/10 
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