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Q1SP: The Level Six
Map in Base-style.

map name: xl6
Monsters count: 106
Secrets: 5
skill - none


Download link:

video - careful spoilers!
another link:
(for me direction link doesn't work) 
Lovely Radiant :) 
It's relaxing map, so I like it already :) The maze made me lost. I found 4/5 secrets first run. Big kudos to you using something different than Trenchbroom. It's not bad editor, but I found Radiant and Jack better for me. Greetings from Poland ;) 
Awesome Old-school Base Map 
I also found 4 out of 5 secrets. Really cool that you limited the enemy roster to just Grunts & Enforcers and made the labyrinthical, tight layout the challenge. 
thx. About secret. I suspect no secret has been found above the curved stair. Was going to place there an enemy (which could attract the player's attention), but change my mind. It is hard to reveal. 
Found 3/5 secrets and completed the level with 83/106 enemies. Seems like I missed some parts. Nice map, though felt a bit maze'y. 
Thumbs Up 
Good map. Very id-like and even Doom-like in places. Quite claustrophobic in design but paired with not particularly challenging enemies works pretty well. Pretty relaxing to play through.

Might have benefitted from some other base-style enemy varieties from progs_dump or Alkaline but then I wouldn't have been using Copper. :)

Video of my blind playthrough here (Copper mod, Nightmare). 4 out of 5 secrets found. Hunted for the last one for a while then gave up, so the actual playthrough ends at around 12 mins and the rest of the run is me running back through shooting lights and walls to no avail. 
Run In Quake Remastered 
Really Good Map 
Very Quakey, in the best sense possible.

Non-linear navigation in tight unconventional architecture full of liminal spaces, great use of colored lighting, and good encounters that doesn't get tiresome despite the map having over 100 enemies.

I got lost a few times in it, but found the way out before too long, which is a great thing. Good maps allows the player to get lost in them without handholding, and the tight spaces made the navigation fast enough to quickly find the way when exploring the map. 
Skill 1 First Play Demo

On my quake map enjoyment scale: 5/10

Proper map with grunts and enforcers. 
SKILL1, 1m37s 
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