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SMEJ-Jam Announced
SMEJ (Suomi Mappers Episode Jam), a group of Finnish mappers making Quake episodes.

The goal of this jam is to make SMEJ inspired maps using the new monsters from SMEJ2.
(Rottmauler, Centurion, Devastator, Spectre and Nuljaska (boss of SMEJ2, now a normal monster)
The OST from both episodes are included in the zip with a readme, as are the skyboxes.
(the start map will use track04 and the intermission track03)
Exit to start map and 4 cooperative starts.

The original SMEJ episodes:
Episode 1 - Realm of the Lost -
Episode 2 - Torrent of Impurities -

START: Friday September 10
DEADLINE: Sunday September 26 (11:59 PM local time)
RELEASE : Wednesday September 29
TEXTURES: No texture limits
SUBMISSIONS: Message @zigi on discord, or
NAMING: smejjam_author
there was a quick load bug in the progs which is now fixed and updated to the latest copper version as well. 
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