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The Temple Of BLOOOOOOD Released!
I finally got this thing finished and uploaded to Quaketastic. Not sure how long Quaddicted takes to populate but I sent a message to Spirit as well and I know he got it uploaded:



Hope you dig it!
ZQ Screens Look Great 
Is this your first map? Or first for Quake?

Will play it after woooooooork. :) 
Thanks Dumptruck!! 
Thanks duuuuuuuuude!

Not my first. My mapping is sporadic at best. I released one a couple years ago called The Lost Tomb which was my first in about 20 years and started this one for blocktober last year but then real life took over. Kinda had the idea for this one during a D&D campaign…this idea of a temple celebrating a blood god and uses hundreds of sacrifices to satiate the thirst of a god that’s gone mad.

Would love to hear thoughts!! 
fun map! thanks for sharing 
Thanks markiemusic! 
Nice zerstorer vibes by the looks of it.

Looking forward to trying it out. 
Tahnks Text_Fish! Would love to know what you think when you get a chance to play! 
Nice old-school map with solid gameplay and a cool boss fight. 
Really Nice, Old School Map! 
Well done, with lots of good loops & mechanics. Good ending battle too, albeit some of the reinforcements spawned in a bit in your face. However, you provided all the weaponry/supplies needed. Quite enjoyable! 
Thanks Maiden & Greenwood! 
Really appreciate the playthrough! Greenwood, yeah, I struggled a bit with the spawning. It was hard to keep track of it all. :D 
Silly Question 
But did you release this before? I'm having a spooky de ja vu! :) 
I just had some betas/playtests but not an official release. 
Ah, okay. I must've played a beta or something in the past. :) 
Life got busy but this is on my desktop waiting to be played. Sounds like players are loving it. 
Cool level, ZQ! I like it. As Greenwood said, good loops and a nice final battle.
My first playthrough on normal: 
200 Monsters 
As you might read elsewhere I was really tired tonight so when I saw your map had 200 monsters on Skill 1 I shuddered and will have to play when I am fresh this weekend. The opening room looks amazing. 
Thanks, SR! Great playthrough! Definitely noticed some creatures not waking up on a few spawns. Hmmm..Must have copied and pasted one with Ambush on or something and they were never triggered awake.

No worries, dumptruck! Rest up! :) 
Yeah this one's fun. I like that you deliver on the "BLOOOOD" immediately at the start. :-)

On a "micro-layout" level there's a lot of long halls and simple rooms, but on a more "macro" level the path does loop around and branch and join up in fun ways. So you get that more old-school feeling of "I'm just going to walk this direction for a while now", but you do still have some ideas turning over in your head about where you're going and why. It's pretty nice overall in laid-back way, and I don't want to seem like I'm casting too much shade by saying "simple rooms" -- I mainly mean in a level-of-visual-detail way, because many of them have a fun little structure to them.

I also like that there's a few side rooms with really no reason to go into them other than to have a fight or pick up some ammo. It reminds me of when SP levels hadn't taken in quite so many lessons from DM maps and were more like a D&D map.

Sometimes I can't help thinking "hmmm what would I rate this on Quaddicted" in the middle of playing a new map. I think I was pondering "a solid 3 probably, maybe doesn't entirely compete with the 4s" until I hit the last encounter. You reaaaalllly nailed that. Doing a riff on that particular fight from the OG campaign is nothing new of course, but this is one of the better ones out there IMO. And quite a bit harder than the rest of the map! but that's fine. A player that's not used to dealing with Quake movement momentum on narrow paths could get frustrated with handling that sequence, but that's not me so personally all I can say is it ruled. 
Whoah, thanks Joel B! I really appreciate that. I definitely feel like some of the layout felt a little "meandering" at times and that's something that I want to push myself on...tighting up flow and creating a more natural escalation to difficulty.

Really appreciate the playthrough! 
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